Best Laid Plans…

Babies don’t care….if Grandma has a blog….or if Grandma is in the middle of two big giveaways on her blog…or if Grandma told her audience she would post certain things on certain days…babies are going to come when they are good and ready no matter what…and thank the Lord they do!!

Today, I am over50feelingblessed to be a Grandma for the first time.  Yesterday afternoon, my precious grandson came into this world after 19 hours of long, hard labor.  I don’t stay up all night as easily as I used to!!  But, he came in at 8 1/2 lbs and 21 inches and, of course, is practically perfect in every way.

So, if you came here today for the follow up on Coldwater Creek, please join me Sunday night and Monday to see those garments purchased from my trip to their fabulous store.

Also, if you entered the contest and do not see your comment, then please comment again…I may have accidentally deleted some while dealing with spam.  Make sure you enter for the jewelry and the activewear on two different posts.

I am going back to bed!!


  1. May God bless the addition to your family…being a grandma is amazing…….nothing is more important than family….

  2. I agree that nothing, NOTHING, is like that first grandbaby! It makes old folks feel new again! Our first one came 16 years ago…and I still remember that long wait in the waiting room….I still remember my son coming out, with so much pride that he glowed, to tell us our new grandson was here! All grandkids are miracles….each in their own way…but that first is a milestone for everyone…you just happen to be on the most blessed end of all!!! Congratulations, nanny!

  3. There is nothing, NOTHING, like the birth of your first grandchild! Ours came 16 years ago, but I can still remember it so clearly! The pride that filled my son, when he came to tell us the baby had been born, had him just about glowing! We have had four more since Sam, and they are all so special in their own way, but that first one changes your life from that moment on. We are blessed beyond measure when we are granted grandchildren….congratulations, and may your family rest in the goodness of that baby for a while!

  4. Congratulations on your new grandson! There's nothing like being a Mamaw, Nana, or a Grammy; I like Glamma (Miss Paula's – tongue-in-cheek?? – suggestion) for you. What a cute name. I remember when my granddaughter was born six and a half years ago and now she is texting me and playing Words with Friends. Time flies; enjoy every moment!

  5. I'm new to your blog….so I entered just to see what you thought about fashion at our age…..Congratulations!!! I have two granchildren myself and they are…as I like to tell them, my loves, my light, the reason for my existance…;) I admit, it's a bit dramatic but I feel so blessed to have them….take your time doing all the stuff you are involved in….there is nothing more precious than our grandchildren.

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