Babies don’t care….if Grandma has a blog….or if Grandma is in the middle of two big giveaways on her blog…or if Grandma told her audience she would post certain things on certain days…babies are going to come when they are good and ready no matter what…and thank the Lord they do!!

Today, I am over50feelingblessed to be a Grandma for the first time.  Yesterday afternoon, my precious grandson came into this world after 19 hours of long, hard labor.  I don’t stay up all night as easily as I used to!!  But, he came in at 8 1/2 lbs and 21 inches and, of course, is practically perfect in every way.

So, if you came here today for the follow up on Coldwater Creek, please join me Sunday night and Monday to see those garments purchased from my trip to their fabulous store.

Also, if you entered the contest and do not see your comment, then please comment again…I may have accidentally deleted some while dealing with spam.  Make sure you enter for the jewelry and the activewear on two different posts.

I am going back to bed!!

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