It never fails…just when I think I have a handle on everything…changes happen!!  I have been dealing with computer issues for a few months, but on Saturday my old Dell said, “I’ve had enough!” and crashed for good.  One part of me is excited to have a new computer and enter the world of Windows 8…another part of me is sooooo stressed by it and all that I have to learn…again…a different way!  Also, I now owe Best Buy most of my summer school pay…which I had other plans for.  I learned from the new computer that I had HUNDREDS of comments in  moderation.  There have been several of you ask me why your comments were not showing…well the old computer ate them!!  But I have been through all and placed them back on the pages…and I think I have all of the contest entries there for my previous contest.

But, here is the bright side (I always look for the bright side)!  I believe we stay young by constantly  learning new things.  When we stretch our knowledge and abilities, then we are not stagnating.  So, I have been stretching for hours this weekend and still have more to do!  Spring is a time for change and cleaning out the old…RIGHT??

It also helps to look and feel our best while we are working our minds.  The wonderful people at Foxcroft Collection sent me this beautiful coral cotton tunic to show you!  They had me at the words NO IRON!  This is the most comfortable garment!

It has beautiful detailing and I know will be one of my favorites this summer.  Now, here is the amazing part:  Foxcroft wants THREE of you to have one of these tunics.  They come in gorgeous colors: Marina Blue, Island Blue, Lime, Tropical Pink and mine, Papaya!!  So, on April 10, I will select THREE winners .  This is primarily a FaceBook giveaway, but if you will sign up for the Foxcroft newsletter on their website and tell me in your comments, you can still be registered to win!!  All you have to do is:

1. Like or be a friend of over50feeling40 on Facebook on Facebook
2. Follow Foxcroft on Facebook and post on their wall that you are a fan of over50feeling40.

Then you are entered in the drawing!!  Wednesday I will select a winner for the Soft Surroundings topper (You can still enter in the sidebar)

Before you check out the bloggers of  VISIBLE MONDAYMONDAY BLOOM  and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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Tell me how you have stretched your mind lately!!

Have a wonderful April 1 everyone…watch out for those pranksters!

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