Eileen Fisher, Fiesta and Gigi!!

Yes!  It’s Friday and
it has been a long traumatic week…so I am happy to bring you a little joy! 
I praised Goodwill yesterday for all they do for the
community, so please allow me to also praise Eileen Fisher for the same
reason.  Eileen Fisher represents more
than great clothes, she has designed her company to be one with depth. 
Her vision includes helping to protect the environment,
empower women and girls, and preserve traditional crafts and cultures.  She promises to provide women with beautiful
clothes, while maintaining a commitment to responsible business practices and
choices …including selecting organic, sustainable materials and creating partnerships
with socially-conscious vendors.
Her Director of Social Consciousness, Amy Hall, has worked
effectively for fifteen years by looking at their own practices through the
eyes of farmers, factory workers, NGOS, and CFOS.  She has taken their department from just a dream
to a four-woman team with an increasingly ambitious agenda.
Add her impeccable style to a this solid dedication to
improve the world, and you can rest assured that you have made an excellent
decision when you shop Eileen Fisher.
I think Eileen would love the vibrant multi-culture city I
live in, San Antonio.  It is that time of
year again…FIESTA!!  This two week
celebration is packed with all kinds of EVENTS…two huge parades, three large
fashion shows, oyster bakes, carnivals, and who knows how many parties.  As I have done the last two years, I hope to
once again bring you a taste of this major event.  
The most popular Fiesta accessories are the many, many
medals worn by participants.  Each event
and business give out their own specially designed medals.  My first one for Fiesta 2013 comes to me from
Goodwill…thanks guys!!  I will wear it on
Saturday to my first event!
Finally, last week I told you that Gigi found a new boho
boutique, Earth Art,  she loves in Bryan, Texas.  She
wore another outfit from her shopping trip today!!  Fabulous as always!!!
Have a wonderful Friday…please check in tomorrow…I am going
to introduce to you the most innovative skin care line I have seen to date.  They literally blew me away when they invited
me over for an afternoon!!  It’s good to
know we can still be surprised when it comes to beauty and fashion….see you

Thank you to the sweet and fabulous, Ariane, for including me in her weekly LIST OF FABULOUS WOMEN!!  Such an honor!


  1. I love the way you've introduced me to Fiesta – you really bring it home, Pam. And you've just taught me more about EF's clothing – besides the fact that it's lovely and well-crafted. Thanks, and I'll be looking for your new skin care info : >

  2. Hi Pam-I so agree about Eileen Fisher is a fashion icon with a conscious heart. So smart!
    Looking forward to hearing your skin care innovations-sounds like an amazing line.
    xx, Heather

  3. I'm not trying to be a troll, but I don't believe this company is quite as it presents itself.

    Many of her clothes are viscose (rayon) which uses carbon disulfide in the manufacture of the product, which does not help with a sustainable environment. Many home sewers have moved away from rayon because of the environmental practices and impact.


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