Fiesta….Your Guide To Fiesta Fashion Fun!!

FIESTA 2013 is off and running in San Antonio!  I plan a series of posts this week to give you a taste of the fashion story….explosions of color; an event made for accessories; the neutral side; and the fabulous women!!  I hope you will join me later today for the very visible women who attended the Fiesta Ole Fashion Show!!  See you later have a beautiful Sunday, all!!!


  1. Darling Pam,

    Oh sweet friend, THANK YOU for leaving a comment on my older post. I had to move on with a lighter subject because too many people seemed to be disturbed by my interpretation of the little boy's "view" of eternity.

    And then your state….dear God above, what is happening in our world? I mean, I know that tragedies strike daily, but to have so many people be affected in such a short time, it leave us breathless. I just wish YOU a safe and beautiful life dear Pam. You always leave such sunshine with that smile of yours, ALWAYS.

    Thank you again. Anita

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