It’s All About Accessories!!

Designer/Stylist Rachel Zoe said on her television program last week, “Life is accessorized!”   Since accessories enhance and add spice to our wardrobe, then I would agree with Rachel.  FIESTA IN SAN ANTONIO is an accessory-heavy event from colorful shoes to amazing jewelry to fascinators to medals!
Don’t know what a fascinator is?  Here is a quick Fiesta vocab lesson:
Fascinator: a lightweight, decorative head covering worn by women on formal occasions
Cascarones  or confetti eggs:   festive, hollow chicken egg shells, filled with confetti, meant to be thrown or broken over someone’s head(usually as a surprise from behind), scattering confetti all over the person. Breaking the eggs over someone’s head can be painful if done hard enough, but since the eggshells are so brittle no one normally gets hurt. This tradition is most often carried out among friends and family. Cascarones derived from Mexico and have recently regained popularity in the southwestern
United States. They are used for many different occasions but, especially Easter. Having one broken over your head is said to bring good luck.
 Show Us Your Shoes:   A cry of Fiesta parade crowds to the court queens and princesses on the floats…almost always they wear fancy Western Boots under the most spectacular hand- made dresses you have ever seen.  Some of these gowns cost over $50,000 and are displayed at our local museums.  See Those dresses HERE!   But, this phrase is now heard around the city whenever someone wants to show off footwear!!  I actually heard the grocery store ladies in the Deli last week shouting this phrase and showing off their sneakers…after much laughter!!
NIOSA – Some say Nigh-oh-sa….and some say Nee-oh-sa….however you say it…the event is Night in Old San Antoine, a crowded festival at La Villita downtown with food, dancing, and drink!!  Attendees love funnel cakes, sausage on a stick, and the famous Chicken Dance!!
I hope you can tell that Fiesta is great fun…tomorrow will be the BATTLE OF FLOWERS PARADE which is completely done by an all-woman team and one of the largest parades in the country.  The entire city takes a day off…just for a parade!!  Now, please visit the fabulous bloggers of KATIE’S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!! on Thursday!!

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  1. Here's to fabulous signature statement pieces. Why not make a splash and make it memorable right? Have a wonderful time at the event. Sounds like great fun Pam!
    xx, Heather

  2. Oooh Pam!!!
    I must have one of those statement necklaces!!!
    Is there a shop/facebook page/order system from Delfina Anthony. I must have the peacock one!!! yumm!
    Reva 🙂

  3. wow,!!!! I love the jewelry, the shoes , the fascinators…love it all!!! Hugs and thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

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