Opening Night!! (And the Foxcroft Winners)

I played hide and seek a lot…in my 40s!  You see, I stopped taking care of me, so I would hide from life and hope that someone, anyone would find me.  It took a personal wake up moment for me to realize that I had to come out of my hiding place and be the one who sought life…not the other way around. 
Now, I get out and have fun…enjoy every moment one day at a time.  Before 50, I could be found at my kid’s events…but few other places.  Now, loaded with new confidence, I am out and about enjoying this vibrant community I live in! 
 Last Friday, local bloggers were invited to the opening night of “The Producers” at the vintage Woodlawn Theater.  We were included in a media reception prior to the show and enjoyed prime seating in the intimate theater.
It was tons of fun!!  You can read my review for our local newspaper online HERE…. (San Antonio, tickets are still on sale!)
 Remember, sitting too much can harm your health.  Get up and get out…life is too short to play hide and seek as adults!!

TA DA…. The three winners of the no-iron beautiful Foxcroft Tunics are:  Katherine of Katherine’s Corner, Taryterrem and Karen Albert!!!  Congratulations to all three of you…it is a great tunic!! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone….thank you so much for spending time with me today!!


  1. I LOVE going to the theater. So much to see and such a community event. PS)I'm so excited about the tunic. Thank you. I LOVE your blog and am learning so much.

  2. Hi Pam~your confidence and energy is so obvious. I appreciate your honesty in sharing that it hasn't always been there for you. It's your time to shine and you do it so beautifully! Looks like a fabulous night out!
    xx, Heather

  3. Pam I love this encouraging post! I too remember spending so many years seeing the world through my children's events. i was particularly excited to realize there is a whole new world to explore! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. You look really nice in that outfit, hope you enjoyed the theatre. I fully understand the not looking after yourself thing, and its easy to fall into. My way back started I think with a radical (for me) haircut. I asked the hairdresser to do what she thought best – and it came out as it is, have to say I love what she did. I also love the theatre. Best wishes.

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