Button Up! Then Meet Me By Video!

I do agree, a great jacket can be one way to lose an instant ten pounds…at least look that way!  But, it seems most stylists will say to button the jacket for that more slimming look.

But, I have always preferred to wear my jackets open rather than buttoned.  So, I am coming to you, oh wise readers…which do you prefer??

Exciting News!  I am honored to be the featured blogger for the Generation Fabulous website this week.  If you scroll to the bottom of the link below, 
you can officially meet me in an interview with the amazing Chloe Jeffre….her show is called Coffee with Chloe!

Just read to the bottom of this link: HERE

Outfit Information:
Silk Jacket: Chicos
Travelers Black Tank: Chicos
Slim Leg Denim: Coldwater Creek
Daisy Fuentes, Apt Nine Necklaces: Kohls

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!  Make sure you visit the fun bloggers of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!!

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  1. I vote no button. That way you have the long monochromatic line which I think is more slimming.

  2. I generally find my jackets look better unbuttoned, but it depends on the cut of the jacket. I vote unbuttoned on yours, mostly to show off those fabulous necklaces!

  3. I love the button done. I have found I am liking the idea of tucking my shirt in again. Love the blouse with your outfit. Good style choice!


  4. Not sure which stylists you heard this from but I disagree strongly. As a former "stylist" I always suggested my clients left their jackets unbuttoned. It is more slimming because it "shaves" the sides off the silhouette.

  5. I too have always preferred to leave my jackets unbuttoned. To me, it gives the visual line a cleaner look. I think too that buttoned jackets can be a bit tricky. Do it wrong and you can end up looking like you've put 10 lbs of potatoes in a 5 lb bag.

  6. I agree, button up is more slimming, even on my own figure I tend to do so, but I sometimes prefer the more casual look of the buttons undone, especially if you wear a beautiful top underneath or belt that you would want to feature more prominently. Anyway, you look very elegant, nice jacket!

  7. i like the unbuttoned, that way u get the great column of top/trousers beneath and can really show off a great necklace.

  8. First–I didn't know stylists said that, and I'm relieved to know it. Why? Because I once took a meeting in Hollywood with my jacket buttoned because I thought it made me look slimmer and it gave me confidence. When I got home and wore that jacket to a family thing, my mom and sister both told me to unbutton it because I'd look slimmer, and I have carried that tiny load of "NOW they tell me!" with me for fifteen years. (Isn't it amazing what insecurities we lug around?)

    That said–I thought your top picture with the jacket buttoned looked great. However, I immediately saw the black vertical line created by the open jacket and thought it looked slimmer. I think it depends on jacket and blouse and style. For example, I'm not sure that a patterned blouse and solid jacket would have given the same vertical line to slim you. So my guess is, it varies.

    And since I was wearing a black jacket over a patterned blouse in that meeting, I'm going to assume the hypothetical stylists (who of course never saw that outfit) were right and my mom and sister (who did) were wrong. Ha!

  9. I like the unbuttoned look. I wear jackets all the time to work, and the open work allows freer movement. Love that jacket. I bought a similar, but longer jacket by grace Chuang which HAS no buttons, so dont have to think twice about that!!

  10. I like it both ways. Often I close my jackets for an event where fingerfood and drinks are served and people are standing or walking around but I'd open it when I sit down for a meal. It depends on the circumstances.
    Some jackets with a great cut are meant to be worn buttoned up, others look flattering when you keep them open.

    I really love your outfit and the way you styled it.

    Lady of Style

  11. I like it opened on you, fwiw. I think it depends on the outfit and the cut of the jacket, tbh.

  12. I like the opened jacket better because black is slimming too and shows off your beautiful necklace. If you had a yellow or white top underneath the jacket, then I could see a non-slimming effect take place! 🙂

    You're the best, Pam!

  13. Love your look UNbuttoned but I totally agree with 'pooks' comments in that it varies as to what the jacket is worn over. You wear such fabulous necklaces and with the jacket unbuttoned it becomes more visible. I'm enjoying the video interview and it is lovely to put a voice to your person. I do hope your next DMV photo pleases you more but don't be too disappointed if it doesn't – my last one is devastating and I absolutely don't look that miserable. I'm embarrassed everytime I'm asked to show it. If only they would allow multiple shots and we could choose the best one!

  14. Pam~ I got very nostalgic listening to your video–funny, and I remember all of your blogging journey! We have both been blogging for the same amount of time, and I remember all of those cut-off head shots; you've come so far. Kudos to you.
    Your video captures your honest and unpretentious style; the reason you have so many fans. Me being one.
    Thank you so much for the shout out; it makes me feel good that you thought of me! I think of you and other bloggers too almost every day for inspiration. I'm so glad I met you! xoxo

  15. i would say 99% of the time i am an unbutton girl
    not only is it more comfortable, i think it looks like you are trying so hard
    does that make sense???

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