Chico’s and San Antonio…Heating Up!

Have I told you I live in Sun City??  Well, I do!  San Antonio, Tx is sunny and sizzling most days between now and October!

That is why I was so excited to win this gorgeous parasol by PERSOLE from ADRIENNE!  I often wish for fashionable skin cover when I am attending outdoor events…and here it is in all of it’s exquisite, creative glory.

Also, Chico’s has helped me get through the last two summers with fun PONCHOS like this one,  purchased recently for 40% off.  They are stylish, cool, and just fun for teaching summer school.  

I’m wearing a purple Travelers TANK under this poncho; Lane Bryant GENIUS FIT DENIM PANTS, and my favorite Seychilles wedge sandals from Ross (purchased last summer).

The beaded bracelet from Stein Mart and CHICO’S WATCH provides icing on the cake!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend!!  I will bring you more fun styling from Chico’s, modeled by Gigi, later in the week. They had a great sale for Passport customers a couple of weeks back.
Now for your enjoyment….does anyone else’s husband do this….or just mine???

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!  Make sure you visit the gorgeous bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY!!  and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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  1. You beautiful woman! Tell your hubby I think he's hunky!
    And I love the color of that parasol- it's perfect for you!

    Happy Mother's Day, Pam! xo. Bella

  2. Love the parasol idea, for sure! Your whole outfit is beautifully styled and a bargain to boot! (I doubt that my husband will ever pose for me…but maybe I should give him more credit!)

  3. No, you're definitely not alone, I can see a bunch of our husbands would join in the fun. You are one lucky lady to have wond that beautiful parasol, I can see its being put to great use and you even add more beauty to it.

  4. Hooray for Persole! I am so glad you love yours.
    I am using mine a lot lately in the heat. Do you find that it instantly cools you down once you start carrying it? I love that!
    Your husband is so funny…I can see where your sons get their humor (thinking about your one son who likes to photo bomb you – that was a hilarious post).

  5. Hi Pam,

    Love this! You look like you are having so much fun and I cracked up at hubby being silly! Hope your Mother's Day was a wonderful one!!

    Deb xo

  6. Very playful post Pam, with your husband getting into the parasol action. Your poncho is playful too, with its beautiful colors and patterns. Hope your Mother's Day was divine!

  7. What a great parasol to twirl around that stunning poncho top! I think it would be a blast to get Patti to do one "Visible Monday" linkup with all of our "significant others" ;-P

    Spashionista (Alicia)

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  9. Congratulations … it couldn't have gone to someone who will use it more, I'll bet. I so know what you mean about sizzle in the summer!
    Yes, my huz might do that. Has, in fact!
    Enjoy your prize!

  10. Love the poncho idea. Have to admit I have never given one much thought, that is until I saw the one you are wearing, how cute! Definitely going to have to check it out 🙂

  11. Haha! Love your hubby's fashionable pose! Way to go hubs!
    Congrats on winning the parasol! What a gorgeous color! It goes so well with your fabulous outfit!

  12. I have always wanted a poncho and you just inspired me to get one. I love the parasol thing, so cute. The hubby pose is sexy and amusing. I wish my husband would pose like Most of all I love your Chicos watch, I love the fab design!

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