Chico’s Sales…Flying Nuns…and Embracing Our Lives!

The minute Gidget hit the beaches, I loved Sally Field…she has been a part of my life since then, and I remained a fan from Flying Nuns to Steel Magnolias to Lincoln.  She is a gifted and talented actress.  That is why I picked up this USA Today Magazine, The Best, at the grocery last week.

I think we all assume the famous have fulfilled all of their dreams. So, the article was eye opening to me upon reading Sally was just now fulfilling her dream to live in NYC.  She has moved there since the death of her mother and lives near her son.  “I’m starting on Chapter One, Page One, of Part Three of my life,” she told New York Magazine.  I will not spoil the entire article, but will say, she has learned to “embrace herself” after 50.  This is something we should all do…embrace ourselves.

Sally hopes to visit Paris for a month and return speaking French!  She said, “I care more about playing roles I haven’t played than if my neck looks like someone’s bedroom curtains.” She wants to live each moment to its fullest. 

I couldn’t let Gigi be the only one to enjoy the spring sales.  I fell in love with this CHICO’S JACKET!  My Chico’s Passport discounts made it quite affordable on the day I purchased.  I styled it with my re-fashioned vintage Chico’s necklace and a cool ring I found at a consignment shop!! (Next time I will wear it with leggings.)  This will be a favorite piece this summer…I know it is loose fitting, but it has vibe I really like.

Do you embrace your life?  Wrap your arms around it and relish in it and fully enjoy what you have been handed this day?  I encourage you to look past the trials…the difficulties…the obvious signs of aging…and fully embrace it!

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  1. You look fantastic Pam! Thank you for the uplifting and positive message. I think if we can't embrace life now, at our time of life, when are we going to!? I love Sally Fields too 🙂

  2. Your happiness and comfort with your outfit shows in your pictures and posts, you are a true inspiration Pam! and I do enjoy "normal" persons' stories even better than the famous persons' stories! Keep up the good work!, Pam!

  3. Hi Pam! xoxoxo

    Crack up at what Sally says about her neck! I so remember watching those Gidget movies, I loved them! And we all know that I wanted to be a nun until I found out they couldn't get married so…

    I am embracing myself more now that I am 50. Heck, I shot photos today without my gloves on! Veins, skinny hands, the whole shebang! 🙂

    Love always,

  4. I love Sally too – ever since Gidget! Your new jacket is terrific, and thanks for sharing all the inspiration with VisMonday. xoxox

  5. Hi Pam!

    She looks good indeed, i remember i used to watch the Flying Nun in french! You look super great yourself not a day over 40!
    You look so edgy in that blazer and sunnies!

    Love and hugs

    Ariane xxx

  6. Sally Fields-yes, she is all that. I love that she is embracing entirely new chapters and she looks fab. She also has that humor that keeps it all so light.
    This jacket looks gorgeous on you Pam. What a find!
    xx, Heather

  7. I love Sally Field, too. I sometimes think what I would do if I had no obligations – no aging mother, no husband, enough money to live where I want. It would be like a clean slate! Wow!

    Lovely outfit, Pam!

  8. Great new jacket, Pam. I've always liked Sally too. Just noticing my side view neck (under chin) waddle in the mirror the other day….and just shrugged. Oh well. Other more important things in life. Have a great week! 🙂

  9. Oh, I love Sally, too! I'll have to read the article.
    Pam, your message is always inspiring! And you look fabulous in your b&w! Love your bold jewelry pieces!

  10. I never got into Sally Fields until she got out of the Gidget / Flying nun era.

    I loved her in Places in the Heart and Murphy's Romance. I love the ending of Murphy's romance where Murphy (James Garner) says he's in love for the last time in this life and Emma (Sally Field) says she's in love for the first time in her life .. <3


  11. Great post, Pam. So glad you took the time to reward yourself with your new purchase, it looks great on you. I'm a true believer in embracing life to the fullest each and everyday.

  12. I remember a picture of Sally in a teen magazine–wearing her white wimple, her big smile, and big fillings showing in her molars. Oddly enough, that endeared her to me. She wasn't perfect. In fact, like me, she'd suffered through dental agony (or so I imagined). Love her.

    And I love all your bling!

  13. I love Sally Field and watch 'Gidget" and "They Flying Nun" every Saturday on @AntennaTV. I love that jacket and have never shopped Chico's – may have to check it out.

  14. Wow, Pam, you are sizzling in this jacket – you look like good energy and joy. Thanks for sharing the article about Sally Fields. It's my goal to live in NYC one day, too.

  15. I think Sally is wonderful….and so are you, Pam. I really mean that. You always send such a positive message to everyone, especially women over 40. Just wanted to tell you that today!
    xo, A

  16. Your review of the Sally Field article was truly inspirational. As are you in the versatile jacket that will carry you through the season, along with your ability to beautifully accessorize.

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