The minute Gidget hit the beaches, I loved Sally Field…she has been a part of my life since then, and I remained a fan from Flying Nuns to Steel Magnolias to Lincoln.  She is a gifted and talented actress.  That is why I picked up this USA Today Magazine, The Best, at the grocery last week.

I think we all assume the famous have fulfilled all of their dreams. So, the article was eye opening to me upon reading Sally was just now fulfilling her dream to live in NYC.  She has moved there since the death of her mother and lives near her son.  “I’m starting on Chapter One, Page One, of Part Three of my life,” she told New York Magazine.  I will not spoil the entire article, but will say, she has learned to “embrace herself” after 50.  This is something we should all do…embrace ourselves.

Sally hopes to visit Paris for a month and return speaking French!  She said, “I care more about playing roles I haven’t played than if my neck looks like someone’s bedroom curtains.” She wants to live each moment to its fullest. 

I couldn’t let Gigi be the only one to enjoy the spring sales.  I fell in love with this CHICO’S JACKET!  My Chico’s Passport discounts made it quite affordable on the day I purchased.  I styled it with my re-fashioned vintage Chico’s necklace and a cool ring I found at a consignment shop!! (Next time I will wear it with leggings.)  This will be a favorite piece this summer…I know it is loose fitting, but it has vibe I really like.

Do you embrace your life?  Wrap your arms around it and relish in it and fully enjoy what you have been handed this day?  I encourage you to look past the trials…the difficulties…the obvious signs of aging…and fully embrace it!

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