Do you want to look like a beauty queen?? Well, maybe not.  But, I do know that the reason many of you come here day after day is that we want to look and feel our best!
Since beginning to blog, I have been privileged to interview several skincare specialists and one of the connecting threads between all is the importance of drinking water.  Drinking water brings no fountain of youth promises…remember nothing stops aging, it is going to happen like it or not.

However, flushing toxins from our bodies and remaining hydrated will give us a healthy, youthful glow.  There are controversies on the web about everything and this topic is one.  Some do not believe drinking water will help your skincare at all.  It just makes sense to me that it would.

I bring you a variety of products for your consideration.  We all have different skin types and different heredity, so you just have to see what works best.  There are excellent skincare products available…and here is one more….HTY GOLD!

They sent me their INTENSIVE BODY PACKAGE which includes body serum and a rich, silky body cream.  Yes, at night you feel all greased up…but when you awake in the morning, your skin does feel incredible…completely hydrated.  It is truly a treat for your body and a way for that “after the spa” feeling day after day.  You would pay this for one spa visit…this will give you the touch of many spa visits.  I do recommend it and I am thoroughly enjoying mine!

Now, I have to go put on my tiara and watch my high school seniors graduate and head off into the world!!  

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone…drink lots of water!!!

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