I am a pack rat when it comes to old jewelry…I do not easily discard.  There are some pieces I still have from my 20s!  Last weekend, I was in a cabinet and came across  seashells gathered at the Texas Coast on a family trip several years ago.  I had done nothing with the shells…but I started thinking about necklaces I have recently seen on the blogs and in some stores.  My creative juices were running wild.

A drill, some leather strips from MICHAELS, old necklaces not worn that often, and the shells provided for an easy accessory update.  I simply drilled a hole in the top of the shell, ran a leather strip (this packet offered a white, bronze or gold selection) through the shell and simply tied it to the necklace.  VIOLA…easy, so easy!!

Now, have fun with your shells everyone!!
Then have a fabulous day! 

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