Jifiti…The Gift That Keeps On Giving …Plus a Giveaway for Three!


This is a sponsored post, but I agreed to bring it to you because I wish I had come up with the idea myself! 
I have often dreamed of a bridal-type registry for life!  Think about it…bridal and baby registries tell us exactly what the needs and wishes of the friends or family members are so that our gifts to them are truly blessings.   On the flip side, wouldn’t it be great to tell your own friends and family your personal gift desires for birthdays or special events…like Mother’s Day (catch the hint everyone!)
All you need is the APP from Jifiti.com and you are set to go….where?  To great stores like Barnes & Noble, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, Sephora, Pottery Barn, Baby Gap, Coach, Williams & Sonoma….and many more!  You can scan UPC labels to enter your own wish list or find out a wish list from others you need to purchase a gift for. You can provide a voucher much like a gift card so they can get the very thing they dream about.  Listen, ladies, this is sure to save you time and make you a star…we no longer have to ponder WHAT SHOULD I GET?  WHAT WOULD THEY WANT?
One of my fellow bloggers here in San Antonio recently posted this to our FB group:

Amanda Raba Gentis 11:19pm Apr 4
I just found the coolest app so of course I have to run and tell y’all about it. Jifti … I go to GAP and purchase an outfit for, lets say, my brother. Jifti does its magic. He goes to GAP in Houston with his phone and Jifti and gets the right sizes of what I picked out and paid for. So, more personal than a gift card, no shipping, they get the size/color etc … I just think its just so cool. 
Ps. They don’t know I exist. No compensation. Just thought it was flippin cool. 🙂

 I think it is pretty cool also, Amanda. Even better, JIFITI is going to bless three of you with a $50 gift credit to get you shopping.  All you have to do is go HERE, download the APP, and follow the directions.  I am ready to head over to some of these stores with my phone in hand and begin the official PAM REGISTRY!!!  Could someone accidentally send this to my children??
Make sure you sign up….this is the fun (and successful) way to great gift giving!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday all…happy shopping!!


  1. Definitely going to check this out… it sounds like a great idea! And great for those last minute out-of-town gifts (which, of course, I never, ever, ever forget! yeah, right!)
    Great tip, thank you!
    XO ~Kim @ popcosmo.com

  2. This looks fantastic, just wish I would have had it last week when I was standing in Toys R Us staring at the walls trying to figure out what to get my niece. I'm sure the staff there thought I was having an episode. Definitely makes my life easier. Entered the giveaway too (yeah!)

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