Camilla Olson’s story from yesterday is so inspiring to me!  Once I saw this gorgeous SILK SCARF with her textile design, I was even more impressed.   With strength and confidence, there are no limitations to what Baby Boomer women can accomplish.

I have been pondering my past a lot this week…the week before Mother’s Day!  The majority of the women from Generation Fabulous participated in a  blogger collaboration about their mothers, HERE.  I did not participate, because it is hard to write about a relationship which has been predominately negative.  Then, Famous Footwear emailed.  They wanted to feature me on their WEBSITE BLOG talking about my mother…an amazing opportunity. So, I was forced to think a little deeper about a relationship which most of my life has generated pain.

I believe all the clichés…there is a silver lining in all situations…if given lemons make lemonade. And on and on.  In fact, Dolly Parton was just interviewed on a morning show and said, “If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain!”  The truth is that inside of my difficult home life and the difficult home life of my mother there is actually a shimmering rainbow and and delicious cold glass of lemonade.  The difficulties birthed the strength I have inside today. She provided the foundation and it was my faith which made it concrete.
From her upbringing, mother learned perseverance and determination.  From my past with her, I have learned the same. As a child of an alcoholic, abusive father, she learned to overcome and rise above difficult circumstances.  With no college degree, she left home in her teens and eventually became an accomplished executive secretary for a top oil company. After my past with her, I left home during college and was determined to never look back.  True, she also brought the worst of her upbringing to our home….mostly anger, but despite all of it, I now choose this day, this weekend, to only focus on the legacy of a strong, solid, confident constitution.

For those of you facing Mother’s Day with hurtful memories, find at least one silver lining.  Those difficulties mold us for the good if we just peer deep inside and search for lessons learned.   I believe they are there for all of us to discover…hidden underneath a painful past.

Today, I model Camilla Olson’s scarf to celebrate the strength, creativity, and resilience of women over 50…and, also, I model the strength of my 87 year old mother.  I truly hope she will experience some joy and peace before she leaves this earth!

Have a fabulous Friday all!!

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