Wednesday is Gigi’s birthday…but I celebrate it holding back tears.  Next week will end my last school year to teach at her side.  By the end of the summer, she will move to another city.  She will be art teacher for another lucky school and she will be the right arm of her single daughter as they raise two granddaughters together.  Both Gigi and her husband have new jobs provided in perfect timing …for a couple who places family at the top of their priorities.
She has been
The Lucy to my Ethel
The Lone Ranger to my Kemo Sabe
The French to my Vanilla
The Dolce to my Gabbana

We are kindred spirits in so many ways.  Gigi is the one who gave me the idea and the encouragement to start a blog almost three years ago.  She is the one who has convinced me to take six weeks off and write a book.  As I enter my house each day, I smile at the colors of the walls…selected by Gigi; and the artwork over the fireplace…uncovered by Gigi at a resale shop.  For fourteen years, our classrooms have been practically back to back.
She has been at my side during thrift treasure hunts…Chico’s sales…Fashion Night Out runway shows…and special events from Tim Gunn to Soft Surroundings….Starbuck’s , Mexican food and garage sales.  My closet boasts of garments she encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try.   We have laughed and cried over so much of life…
Now, many of you will say thank goodness for technology…computers, phones, blogs, etc.  Of course, we will still communicate.  But, it will not be the same.  Anyone who knows what it is like to have a prayer partner understands the intimacy of the friendship.
I know she will be missed on this blog…I have actually received fan mail for her over the years.  I want you to know that we gave her a fun name in the beginning of the blog, because neither of us knew where it was headed.  I would like for all of you to know her name is GAIL.    We will be blessed to occasionally see her until August and then it might be a special guest appearance every now and then.
Happy Birthday, Gail….thank you so much for the gifts you have given me…gifts of courage, encouragement, confidence, wise advice, and companionship.  There will be a huge hole in my life without you.  BFF!

(The clothes, the jewelry, the style are all from Gigi’s favorite store, CHICOS
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone…hug a friend today!

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