What I’m Reading …The Power of Style

This is setting up to be the perfect evening for reading,
and I am about halfway through Bobbie Thomas’s book, THE POWER OF STYLE.  Thomas has been the Style Editor for The
Today Show
on NBC since 2005, but it is her background in counseling and
psychology which gives this book a unique perspective. 
I am living proof working on the outsides helped me grow
strength on the insides.  Confidence is
powerful and powerfully attractive.  By
working on my outsides at age 50, my confidence began to return and soar.  According to Thomas, “Being stylish is not
having a certain body type or bank account.  It’s about embracing your individuality and
radiating that spirit in your work, relationships, and everywhere else.”

Style doesn’t mean we all look alike…individuality is a key
component.  She includes this quote I
love from Lynn Harless, “It’s good to be different. No one ever stood out in a
Just for kicks, I went to Bobbie’s website where she opens a
page for anyone to download a picture and ask for first impressions….so I said, OK I’M GAME!  We get to pick the criteria for others to log
in their first impressions….I have people saying I am in my 40s, 50s, and 60s…I
will just focus on the positive!!  You
might want to check it out HERE
I am looking forward to her chapters on color and fit…hopefully
will finish it this evening. 

Ok, remember warmer weather is when more yard sales pop out
and they can be so much fun!  I love a
morning hitting the yard sales and topped with a fun luncheon at a new
place!!  A few years ago, I showed up at
a yard sale just as the homeowners were closing and filling bags for
Goodwill.  When they saw me looking at
the scarf in this picture, they told me I could have it!  SCORE! 
Yard sales always bring unexpected surprises.

And please tell us what you are currently reading…..


  1. Cute scarf! Can't beat free, can you?
    I am reading "The Tools" right now – sort of been into self-help books lately but I am ready for a novel. I downloaded a sample of a book last night. I fell asleep before I could decide whether I want to buy it or not. The fact that it lulled me to sleep is not a good sign!
    I'll have to check out that website. Sounds interesting and a little scary, too!
    Have a lovely weekend, dear Pam!
    xoxo, A

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying the book–I considered getting it as well. I heard on the Today Show this morning that Bobbie is getting married this weekend at Kathie Lee's house (i think it was this afternoon). She let the audience pick her dress, etc. That was pretty brave I thought!

  3. I am a science fiction/fantasy book lover. But will read anything put in front of me. I am reading Players Ruse by Hilari Bell right now. Just love to read, such stress reliever. I download books from the library, great way to get my fix without crowding our apartment. Going to check out this book you mention, sounds interesting.

  4. Thanks for introducing this style book, Pam. I look forward to hearing your résumé once you are through.
    I recently read "The little black book of style" by Nina Garcia. Easy read, great illustrations but certainly no breathtaking new style tips.

    Lady of Style

  5. Sounds like a good read, Pam, I will look for it. I'm reading Warm Bodies, a funny novel about a zombie who transforms by falling in love with a human. : )

  6. I am intrigued by the book, and can't wait to hear about your feedback experience.

    Scarf is magical Goodwill treasure 🙂

    Being rather a literary snob, I'm embarrassed to say I'm currently embedded in a paranormal series, The Hollows by Kim Harrison. Usually, I'm one of those who reads all the New York Times, Booklist, Edgar Award, and Pulitzer stuff, but I think my mind is needing no stress entertainment these days.

  7. Hi Pam!! Looks like a fun book. The feedback thing-y is interesting, isn't it? Your scarf is great, too. As far as books, haven't been reading much recently, too busy with work and people. I'm ready for a good read, though!!

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