(On my POST about the wedding I attended, I received this
comment which I did not publish at the time: 
“I can’t believe you preach fashion and wore that dress. – Anonymous”  I decided to respond to Anonymous, because it
helps me to explain my POST from last Friday!)

Dear Anonymous,
I decided to respond to your rudeness because I represent
many women, my age and my body type who struggle with the same issues I do.
Though I don’t know who you are, because you lacked the
courage to put your name to your comment. 
I would like for you to understand how comments like this affect people.
First of all, I do not
fashion.  If I preach anything, it is empowerment, strength, and confidence for women middle age and older.  I report
about fashion and style.  I have
never pretended to be anything but what I am…a work in progress….who happens to
love the fashion industry.
My closet is currently filled with some fabulous dresses and
skirts which no longer fit properly.  I
have gained extra pounds and have been very upset about it.   Yet,
the devil on my shoulder whispers, I am about to be sixty so why bother any
longer…just live as I am.
But, friends have encouraged me to keep going forward.  Some work with a personal trainer and want me
to join in… that was when fear began to set in……
I fear walking into a
work out facility and being laughed at behind my back.
I fear failure once
again …after many diets and attempts to gain my body back.
I fear judgment from
people like you!

However, I decided to suck it up and meet with the
trainer.  He explained how some diets
have slowed my metabolism and though I have been working to lose weight, it has
been to no avail because of the harm quick loss diets have done to my
system.  He explained how harmful it is
for me to sit so many hours of the day as I write.  He explained how I will have to work hard
every day to reach my goals.
But, I think you just gave me that extra push to work harder,
even though I should not give a mean spirited comment like yours a second
thought.  I wore that dress because it
was the only dress that fit at the time….and I did not want to purchase
something new.  I was up front with my
readers about how I felt about my dress. 
Nevertheless, I felt good that night. 
It was an awesome night with family and friends celebrating love. We had
so much fun.
I believe in looking good no matter what size I am…not in
the name of fashion, but in the name of joy…strength and dignity.
So, thank you, Anonymous, for giving me even more
determination to fit back into my clothes…hey, why don’t you send me a picture
of you in your most fashionable outfit…I would love to share it on the blog so
we can see the right way to dress!!

Pam@over50feeling40 AND STILL FEELING FABULOUS! 

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