Four Ways to Make Your Apparel Look Stylish Without Spending Any Money

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Every now and then, a person’s apparel needs a little updating. Of course, you can always purchase new clothing items to add to your wardrobe or replace items you plan on getting rid of. However, if you do not have the money to add to your wardrobe, you can still update it. You just need to become creative. Here are four creative ideas you can use to update your apparel.

Use Your Long Scarves

Long scarves do a lot more than just serve as a mere drape over your shoulder. Here are three ways to use your scarves to update your apparel:

1. Take your long scarf, wrap it around your legs and secure at the side with a decorative pin (safety pin is good as well) or tie it in place to create a sarong skirt.
2. Take three scarves, braid them together, and tie around your waist for a decorative belt to bring new life to dresses and skirts.
3. Wrap a scarf around your close fitting knit tops. Start an inch below your underarm area and wrap the scarf around your bust. Secure any way you would like (use a pin, safety pin, tuck inside the wrap, tie at the side or front, the choice is yours). This adds texture and interest to your old top.

Use Your Jewelry

Your jewelry can make your apparel items look brand new. One jewelry item many don’t think to use are rings. If you have costume jewelry rings, use them to “bedazzle” some of your apparel.

1. Hand sew rings to the cuff of your old long-sleeve shirt. Or sew them along the hem of your knit shirts.
2. If you have a chain belt, slip a few rings on the chain to add a little more pizzazz.
3. Stitch a couple of rings to patch pockets to add embellishment to a plain top.
Use Your Belts

Belts are good for more than holding your pants and skirts in place. Depending on their width and the material they are made from, belts can be very versatile.

1. Use your wide belts to update the look of your dresses. Use them to create a color block effect, change the shape of loose fitting dresses, etc.
2. Fasten your belt just under the bust when wearing a loose fitting tunic to create an empire-waist style top.
3. Use your thin belts to add embellishment to pant legs and sleeves by fastening them around the thigh, calf, upper arm, or lower arm creating a banding effect.

Repurpose Your Apparel

Another way to update your apparel is to repurpose them. Sometimes you can do this very easily. Other times it may take some sewing skills. Here are few ways to repurpose your apparel:
1. Turn your maxi skirts into strapless sundresses. Just cinch a belt at the top (you may need to create a belt loop at each side of the waistband) and call it a day!
2. Wear a mini dress as a long tunic or blouse.
3. Cuff pants three inches above the ankles to make capris.
4. Turn a long shirtdress into a duster jacket.

These are just four ideas and tricks you can use to update your apparel. Get creative and use what you already have on hand. Save your money for a rainy day and repurpose your existing apparel items to make something new!


  1. Pam–I couldn't agree more!! I really love variety in what I wear, but don't have an unlimited budget–hardly!! With a new accessory or new mix of old accessories, I find I say "Not that same old outfit again!" a lot less. Great post. Thanks–Susan

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