One should never underestimate the fabulousness of the birthday girl!
Wishing you a day filled with glitzy fun!!

This card from Mr. B began my birthday!  Then he whisked me away to the HILL COUNTRY HYATT RESORT AND SPA for a day of glitzy pampering.
The whole resort is Texas/Western/Chic and the WINDFLOWER SPA is just a little slice of heaven!!  
 My favorite TREATMENT of the day was called the FIRM MY HIDE (which my hide can use a lot of firming) and includes a buffalo greens scrub with soothing steamed towels and a cactus wrap, scalp massage, and finally a body massage with agave nectar oil.  
I was so relaxed I thought I would need to be wheeled out the door.  After dressing in the fabulous spa facilities, my husband took me across the property to the beautiful ANTLERS LODGE for dinner.
I saved all my calories on Sunday for this meal and each bite was absolutely worth it!!
The seasonings are incredible and the atmosphere right down to the music is so rich and luxurious.
Spa and fine dining….a great way to enter my sixties!!  
After dinner, we took my happy feet and walked the property!
I will share those pictures with you on Saturday!  It is beautiful!
Til then, y’all have a great Wednesday!!

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