It’s Friday….Treat #1 Special!!

Has your week been stressful?  Did you face an army of voices demanding your
attention whether family, friends, or work associates?  Perhaps you need to take care of number one this
It can be as simple as a beautiful arrangement of fresh
flowers to welcome in a little peace into your home…
Or perhaps a small purchase like a great blouse….THIS OPEN COLLARED, PURPLE ONE is from COVERED PERFECTLY…just click in the ad at the top of the sidebar for special savings…
Maybe, it is just taking a walk in a quiet place….
There are so many ways to give yourself a gift.  Make sure you do this often!

What are your plans this weekend?  No matter what, I hope it is a joyful one!!

Blouse provided by Covered Perfectly
Last three pictures from the grounds of the Hill Country Hyatt Resort and Spa in San Antonio


  1. Pam I do think I am going to do some self care, hmm I'll have to make a little list AND hope it cools off!

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  2. Nothing like a walk in the country so I can "breathe" again. Love the color of the top on you 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I plan to put up some more market lights in the backyard … actually I plan to have my husband do it :). put in 3 more outside speakers and finish my last two planters. It has been my goal to get my backyard fluffed up a bit this summer, and I'm on my last few touches.

    Hope your birthday celebrations were all wonderful… you are truly an inspiration!

    Happy weekend to you too Pam!

  4. Funny I was off this week and unplugged which is sometimes the best to do. I am catching up on some blogs as well as other reading. They all have a theme..caring for yourself. I think I am getting the message. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great weekend.

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