Best Birthday Ever! Celebrated with Saks Fifth Ave, IOMA-Paris, and Friends!

One of the reasons I love blogging so much is the fact that every day brings a new surprise!

Last April, I wrote THIS POST after meeting Kathy Moses and her dynamic team of beauty experts for IOMA-PARIS  They truly impressed me with their knowledge, the amazing line of skincare products, and… they all are fun, sweet ladies!
Kathy suggested we do more together and proposed a “Sweet 60” Birthday party for me at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.  I said, “Let me think about it!” No, seriously, I controlled my squeals and said, “How much fun.”

Seven of my best girlfriends were able to join me this afternoon for a full event of skincare pampering; a fashion presentation from Saks for Fall 2013; our makeup done by various lines; cake, strawberry parfaits, champagne, Pellegrino; and party favors!!

Every woman deserves such pampering and treatment…the whole event was fabulous.  About four weeks ago, Kathy asked me to use the IOMA line for one month and not to use any other products. So I agreed. As you read in the first post, they are able to give very personalized service with their unique pod.  

One month ago, I could see on my photo analysis I was experiencing many clogged pores in the T-zone due to sweat from my new work-out routine.  And IOMA pinpointed some specific areas we would be working to correct…one was a little sagging.

After one month, I have experienced a significant difference which many people comment about…also, my clogs are gone.  I love the anti-wrinkle mask, which Kathy encouraged me to sleep in twice a week and I wake up with HAPPY FACE!!  The softness and hydration is just wonderful. The products diagnosed for me are:









At my party, the service for my guests was impressive.  Not only did each one have a skin analysis, they all were given a mini-facial, and some even received hand and foot massages with the COCOON FEET, ELBOW AND KNEE CREAM.  

Here is gorgeous Kathy Moses showing Karen how fabulous her legs and feet will feel after the cream is applied.  Now, that is service!

Spending an afternoon in Saks Fifth Avenue at San Antonio’s North Star Mall is just the absolute best way to escape our 104 degree weather!!

Tomorrow I will share our fashion presentation and discussion with you.  The next day, I have a new (new to me) line of makeup to introduce to you!!

A very special thank you to Kathy, Monica, Nancy, and Katie for doing a job with excellence in mind.  Yes, I will return for the product, but also because I have made new friends!!  I am sure some of you recognized the fabulous Gigi was at this event…she is moving out of the city this week…this may be our last event together… or at least for awhile.  That fact made this afternoon bittersweet.  I will miss her terribly…she is the reason I began this blog and she was one of the favorite appearances the last three years.

Have a wonderful Thursday, and make sure you visit the talented bloggers of KATIE’S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP…#100!!

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  1. What a fun and fabulous day! You must have all felt like royalty. Sorry to hear Gigi's moving; I'm sure you'll miss her terribly, but how nice that you were able to enjoy this together.

  2. Happy birthday beautiful. What a wonderful way to spend the day! You are blessed to have seven friends to join in your day of beauty. I truly hope you get your birthday wish. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop my friend xo

  3. Looks like an absolutely perfect day, Pam. It's wonderful to see Gigi here, and a little sad that she's moving – but friendship endures. Happy, happy birthday and dozens more to you. xoxo

  4. What a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday!

    Gigi feels like such a big part of your blog. I'm sure we'll all miss her but not as much as you will, of course. Yours sounds like a friendship that will last even over long distance.

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