Color for my Voice ….and a Book Update!!

“The greatest enemy of good thinking is busyness.”  John C. Maxwell

My time off this summer did not go as I originally planned.  But, in hindsight, that might not be such a bad thing after all.  
My plans were to teach a month of summer school…then have the next six weeks to get a significant amount of work done on a book I plan to write.
Best laid plans….right?
I did not foresee a trainer and a stringent workout plan in my future…though I should have seen it.  For the majority of the time, I was exhausted after daily workouts…sometimes to the point of going to bed by 7 PM.  I did not foresee a local, small publication would invite me to join their editorial staff and once a month deadlines would be much more involved than when I only wrote for them.  Finally, I did not foresee what it means to be GRANDMA, and that my daughter’s whole family would move in with us until the end of September.
But, here is what I am thinking.  I believe getting my weight under control and body healthy is the final step of my journey of reinvention which began ten years ago at 50.  It is a huge part of my story.  I am doing well with my physical training…losing weight and inches slowly…and finally feeling and increase in energy.
For all of you who contributed to the book, no worries.  I still believe it will happen…though not as quickly as I thought.
I wore COLOR today to signify that I am still alive and kicking!! Sometimes color can just say Joy, Strength, and still going…yes, like that little pink bunny!

Scarf and Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes: Marshalls
Pants: Talbots
I hope you will visit the fun bloggers of Visible Monday and MONDAY MINGLE  and Verizon Voices Fashionista Blog Hop!!

Then have a fabulous Monday!!


  1. I have so many craft and clothing projects I want to do, and I just can't seem to get them done either! But for now I'm enjoying summer. There's a time and place for everything, and it will get done if it must, right?

    I love your scarf, and especially against that bright blue top! You are definitely visible!

  2. Yes wearing bright colors does a lot for the spirit. i began my weight loss journey and taking care of myself last year with my 48th b'day coming in September the goal was to embrace my 50's in a healthy state! Congrats on this journey you've begun!

  3. Hi Pam,

    Beautiful scarf. I like it styled with the bright blue. You sound like you are very busy right now and writing a book takes lots of time. I have no doubt you will make it happen, though. In good time. Your health and well being is your priority – as it should be!

  4. Pam – you look beautiful! Love the colors on you!

    I have to post as anonymous as I don't understand all those other ways to post!

  5. You will have time to write your book, Pam. It's there inside of you, just waiting to come out. You have to be peaceful and have the time to write it – which you will eventually. I love COLOR! I love how wearing it makes me feel and the statement it makes. You look lovely. xo

  6. Hi Pam-Yes you are 'energized' just like the bunny! Love your colorful outfit.
    I agree, our time off never goes quite the way we planned it but sometimes that is just what is meant to be. I don't know if you are back to work but I start officially tomorrow. Wish us luck with 're-entry'! 🙂
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

  7. I am so behind on all the blogger news! Glad to hear that the training is going well (I think I need one to KEEP me inspired). Envious to learn that you have family living in…to include a grandchild. My oldest daughter and her little ones have left us for MT after two years and the house now is so very quiet…

  8. Health is number one, so good to hear that you're caring for yourself and your family. The rest can wait! In the meantime you are radiant in your colorful ensemble with the killer flats to ground you.

  9. I love that you realize a book can be shelved. I mean look how long it took Julia Child to get her great tomb published. But it was worth the wait and so will yours. Besides, those shoes are FAB!! Thanks for linking this up last week on the Verizon Voices Fashionista Style Hop. Head on over this week and link up here: We'd love have more of your style. And sign up for our weekly reminders too!

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