“The greatest enemy of good thinking is busyness.”  John C. Maxwell

My time off this summer did not go as I originally planned.  But, in hindsight, that might not be such a bad thing after all.  
My plans were to teach a month of summer school…then have the next six weeks to get a significant amount of work done on a book I plan to write.
Best laid plans….right?
I did not foresee a trainer and a stringent workout plan in my future…though I should have seen it.  For the majority of the time, I was exhausted after daily workouts…sometimes to the point of going to bed by 7 PM.  I did not foresee a local, small publication would invite me to join their editorial staff and once a month deadlines would be much more involved than when I only wrote for them.  Finally, I did not foresee what it means to be GRANDMA, and that my daughter’s whole family would move in with us until the end of September.
But, here is what I am thinking.  I believe getting my weight under control and body healthy is the final step of my journey of reinvention which began ten years ago at 50.  It is a huge part of my story.  I am doing well with my physical training…losing weight and inches slowly…and finally feeling and increase in energy.
For all of you who contributed to the book, no worries.  I still believe it will happen…though not as quickly as I thought.
I wore COLOR today to signify that I am still alive and kicking!! Sometimes color can just say Joy, Strength, and still going…yes, like that little pink bunny!

Scarf and Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes: Marshalls
Pants: Talbots
I hope you will visit the fun bloggers of Visible Monday and MONDAY MINGLE  and Verizon Voices Fashionista Blog Hop!!

Then have a fabulous Monday!!

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