I am not certain if I meant the car…shopping at GOODWILL…or ME!  But, we are oldies and goodies!!  (This is my son-in-law’s car which he fondly calls Deloris)

I have confessed before I love my dark denim trouser jeans and would wear them day after day if I could.

With Goodwill, I almost could make that happen and have a different jean look every day.  On my recent treasure hunt there, I found the new Chico’s snake patterned vest I am wearing in the top pictures (tags still on) and the brown travelers tank…both were in Julia’s Attic (Highway 281 and Bitters location).  If you are like me, and you prefer the old knit of Chico’s Travelers to the new knit, then Goodwill is the place to look.

I also like Coldwater Creek for denim.  This orange knit top and the blue blouse below are both from there.  I found this Karen Kane subdued check jacket which I really, really like and know I will wear often…love the longer length!

Goodwill has me in a great place to begin a new school year teaching in fabulous style!!

Have a joyful
Monday all…

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