Guerlain Makeup….Beautiful Hydration

I hope you all will forgive me…I have been sadly absent from commenting and responding…but busyness has taken over!!  That is why the Saks event came at the perfect time for many of my, also, over-committed friends.  It was so nice to be pampered, and experiencing GUERLAIN MAKE UP was luscious.

Specialist Mahtaj Taromian, a native of Iraq, explained to me the Guerlain natural ingredients are designed to provide the ultimate hydration for women over 50.  

My friend, Carol, looked stunning after a session with Mahtaj.

She showed me a different way to make my eyes pop and not look so heavy.

My favorites were:

24-Carat Gold Primer

Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator

Lipstick Primer

Check out Guerlain’s products and videos HERE…then go look gorgeous for your weekend activities!

I will return back to my routines in the next couple of weeks!  Now, have an amazing Saturday everyone!!


  1. I LOVE Guerlain products…your eyes shine out of your face in the photo above…you look GORGEOUS.
    Hope you enjoyed all your birthday celebrations Miss Sixty 🙂
    Happy Weekend.

  2. Oh Pam, please do tell about making my eyes less heavy and bright!
    What a treat for you and your friends!

    Designer Series: Barry Dixon

  3. Hi ~
    Just wanted to say I love, love your blog! I've been lurking the last few days and have learned so much. I'll be 52 this month and thought it was high time for a makeover. Wanted to thank you for all your advice on fashion and for putting together such a fun blog!

  4. Oh My Gorgeous…! You look vondervul, daw-link! You know what they say… Once you've been "Guerlained", you can never go back! Did you try the Terracotta Bronzer? Love it and love your look!

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