I know that many of you are familiar with the fabulous Iris Apfel, renown New York Fashionista at 91!  Well, I am going to introduce you to a new version…in a moment!

But first…a special luncheon was held last week…actually, it was a bittersweet moment.  My friends Jean and Gigi (Gail) have moved six hours a way…this is Texas, big cities are not close to one another!

So, Jean (pictured left) held a luncheon to say farewell to eight of her closest friends.  She has lived in San Antonio for over 30 years, and she took the time to tell her story and go around the room and bless each one of us, publicly, for the role we played in her life.  It was such a joyful and affirming time for all of us…so many amazing women in the room.

Not to mention…beautiful fashionistas!!

After fifty, Jean has gone through an exciting reinvention and become a model and actress.  From the cover of AARP, to movies, to national advertising, we have and will see her in a variety of venues.  The most fun to date…she is to play Iris Apfel in a national eyewear campaign to be released soon!  Jean said it is the most fun she has had on set so far!

I will miss her and my sweet Gigi so much, but what she did speaking love and acceptance into our lives was powerful!  So, now I would like to do the same for each of you.  I received this card for my birthday from another sweet friend, Kerry, and would like to send the verse out to each and every reader!  Each of you is special….

To a Beautiful, Courageous, Outstanding Woman!

Believe in yourself,
as I believe in you.
Trust your strengths,
as I trust in them….
Look in the mirror
And see what I see.
A talented, uplifting, and
Magnificent Woman
Who can do anything and
Everything she wants.
Believe in your heart
that you have the power to grab hold of your future.
and mold it into the things
You have always dreamed of.
Trust in your soul
that you are capable of doing
all that needs to be done.
Know that you are incredible in every way
and see yourself
as others see you…
as an intelligent
and spectacular woman.
 -Lamisha Serf

Have a joyful Wednesday everyone!!

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