Autumn Fashions: Covered Perfectly!

I walked outside one morning this past weekend to be greeted with this….

Then I turned to see the leaves above on the pavement and began to rejoice in the colors of seasonal changes.  We also are privileged to see color explosions in our fashions this time of year… the rich, saturated colors of autumn.

I introduced you to the talented Pauline and her line of blouses, COVERED PERFECTLY, in THIS post over the summer.

Since I wrote this last post, Pauline has produced a line of plus size blouses!!  Thanks, Pauline…not enough retailers pay attention to the needs of us curvy gals!!  You will love the flattering fit of these beautiful tops.

Pauline recently let me know she has new colors joining her family of soft, great fitting blouses .

We can expect to see these right-on-trend colors in about four weeks:

Royal Blue
Kelly Green
Dark Coral
Emerald teal
Tomato Red
Plus two animal prints

Until then, I am loving the purple, OPEN COLLAR BLOUSE she sent to me…so soft and comfortable…while looking great.

Keep her on the radar for a release of the new colors very soon.

Then, have a colorful Monday everyone!!

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