Hi everyone….in the conversation about the book Style Evolution by Kendall Farr, wonderful reader, Elaine, wrote….
“After my appointment at the cancer clinic today, I sat in a comfy armchair in a mall with a mocha in hand and watched people go by. I looked specifically to see what women in our age range were wearing and it was enlightening. Some dressed much like our mothers might have a generation ago while others were definitely plugged into what’s current as Farr puts it and had clearly figured out a style of their own that worked. They were the ones with a confident bounce in their step.”

Elaine, you really had me thinking about the fact that you made this observation after your cancer treatment that day.  Looking our best, and feeling confident about how we look brings joy even when circumstances are difficult.  And that joy is known to assist healing through many illnesses!  I know turning my style around helped me through despondency and despair ten years ago.

CHICO’S and HARPER’S BAZAAR understand all women will find joy and confidence in looking their best.  They have created a powerful collaboration around this beautiful leopard scarf found at Chico’s…a fashion forward company celebrating women for 30 years!    The LEOPARD SCARF sells for $25, with $10 from each sale going to Stand Up to Cancer research…they hope to give up to $150,000 toward saving lives.

It’s a fabulous scarf, but even more fabulous is the joy it will bring the women who wear it and the research money it will provide. This accessory would make a great addition to any wardrobe…not to mention a statement of power…we will fight against cancer!  I have lost too many dear friends, too early.

Oh, and, Elaine…keep sending your on-the-street observations…I love having a field reporter!!

Have a joyful Monday, all!!

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My scarf was a gift from Chico’s

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