JW Marriott’s Lantana Spa: You’ve Earned It!

It’s been a long hot summer and just because we are women, I know you worked hard and could use a little R & R.  Whether you are a mom, grandmom, business woman or all three…it is probably past time to give yourself a treat.
If you are in the area; live in the city; or visiting beautiful San Antonio make an appointment to spend the day at JW MARRIOTT’S LANTANA SPA…you will not regret a moment of it. 

Members of our local blogging group were invited to experience the spa for ourselves…one fun day…of course, you can see up top, I was the elder statesman of the group! All the ladies enjoyed an afternoon at the largest spa in this huge state…all 26,000 square feet of pampering.


We began with mouth watering sensations at REPLENISH, THE SPA BISTRO.  

 All meals at the resort include vegetables from their own organic gardens, and meats from local ranchers and suppliers.  They have won several impressive awards for the quality of their food departments.

After our fabulous meal, and meeting resort personnel, we took a tour of the hill top facilities. Then each blogger was allowed to select a spa service of her choice.  Several went for the pedicures…

I, on the other hand, selected a deep tissue massage.  Since I began weight training, knots seem to pop up often and at the time of our visit, my lower back was literally in knots.  After I explained to the technician what I had been up to with my new workout routine, she confidently went right to work and it was MAGIC.  I felt so good, I realized an important part of working out should be a regular massage!  I hope to keep this on my calendar.

We came back together to share our experiences from pretty nails, to beautiful facials, to my very relaxed back.

A great afternoon ended with whirlpools and saunas!!  I highly recommend a spa visit for all of us…worth the time, and there are always special packages to check out.  Thanks LANTANA SPA for a great day!!

Now, we all have been waiting to hear who wins the free pair of COLDWATER CREEK JEANS, and the winner is CARYN!!  Congratulations…enjoy your jeans.  I have another really amazing giveaway coming this weekend…please return for it.

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Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Oh, you made a good choice with the massage. I've always found that a massage can sometimes last me a week. Impressed by the size of the place.

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