For several months, my friend, Kerry, has been singing the praises of her new health routine.  She has told me about the unusual form of exercise (whole body vibration)Himalayan salts…the Alkaline Ionized water…and the saunas.  Each time we have met, I have seen the results in her complexion, face, and shrinking size.  You can tell she looks and feels great!

The place is called iVIVA and is a growing movement where four main concentrations work together to make for a healthier you!

Kenny, the San Antonio owner, introduced me to the vibration machines which were originally designed by Russians for their cosmonauts…particularly those on the space station.

It is really fascinating to hear all of the benefits which can come from vibrating the body for ten minutes at a time.

While I was there, I met a Merrill Lynch VP, Lynne.  She stood before me on the machine in very baggy pants…a result of losing 20 pounds after coming to iVIVA since May.  

She told me, “I prefer this type of workout  because I hate going to the gym and frankly have always found it hard to motivate myself to go walking before and after work.  The Balance Vibration workout has overcome both of these issues for me.  I can come at lunch and accomplish a two hour workout in thirty minutes.”

“I am 54 years old and have been sitting behind a desk for the last 27 years.  I combine this with a low carbohydrate diet. iVIVA keeps my bones dense, my circulation up and muscles strong.”

 The addition of the Himalayan salt saunas (which I love) is from eastern healing practices.  I spent fifteen minutes in both saunas and felt great afterwards.  They also sell lamps for home and office.  They are said to kill off negativity as well.
After my twenty minutes on the machines, and thirty minutes in the sauna drinking my special Alkaline Ionized water where acid and fluoride have been taken out and replaced with potassium, calcium, and magnesium…I felt great.  I now know why Kerry feels so good…all toxins are left in the socks…as Kerry would say!

If you would like to know more about iVIVA, just check out their website HERE.  There are a few more locations, and the machines are quite affordable to own for your home…including water and saunas. 

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