I know your eyes are fixed on this gorgeous necklace…but stick with me for just a moment and I will share more at the end of the post.

HERE, I introduced you to fashion and jewelry designer Paulette Martsolf. She is as stylish and chic as her designs. 

I have always felt so bulky when attempting to layer, however Paulette recently gave me a different perspective with her layering techniques. She sent along these words with examples about transitions and wardrobe building:

“Transitioning from summer to fall is not always an easy task.
For instance, in Texas, just as we begin to love clouds and a slightly cooler
breeze, back comes a heat wave to dash dreams of sweaters and fabulous jackets.
At ALLIE-COOSH, I look for sensual fabrics which move easily
from one season to the next, and I have discovered over time, success is found
in layering.  For autumn, I search for on trend seasonal colors available
in lightweight fabrics.  Our signature fabric is truly seasonless as well
as being washable, durable, and timeless.  I love to combine it with
novelty pieces to create an exciting, unique wardrobe for the fashion
conscience woman.   The fact that these pieces can move like an
autumn wind from season to season and not have to be dry cleaned, helps
everyone to be wise with their fashion spending selections. 
I believe we should work on building a functional wardrobe which
can take us effortlessly through the day.  For today’s post, I worked with
two colors to create several looks in preparation of many different events a
woman may encounter in her daily routine.  
Of course, this is different
for all of us, but hopefully you can see how this concept of wardrobe building
can help anyone be prepared with ease for what may be on the calendar. 
Fall is packed with special events and only builds toward the holiday
Begin with two colors you love to wear, and start the building
process.  Hopefully, this will help
everyone to see how it is possible to build on key pieces.  And if you need some assistance, please
contact me at allie-coosh Facebook profile.”

If you would like to see visible women like us wearing Paulette’s creations, just click HERE!!

Now, back to this exquisite necklace designed by Paulette. She fashioned it from jet, raw amber, tectite, kyanite and crystal valued at $395.00.  Here is the amazing part…she wants one of you to own it!

Contest OVER.

I receive so many compliments on my original necklace by Paulette:

 Happy Monday, everyone!

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