Good News:  These are two pieces of clothing I could not wear at the beginning of summer…too tight!  Thanks to weight training, they fit now!  Whoo Hoo!!

Bad News:  For the second time in six months, I am battling vertigo!  It is no fun watching the room spin and the feeling of falling down.  I have spoken with several women my age in the last year with the same problems.  Vertigo is tough to figure out.  It can be a result of inner ear problems,  dehydration, stress, and symptoms of menopause.  I will say for me when I began to drink more water the day it returned, symptoms lightened up.  I am feeling much better now, but I know some who spin for weeks.  I wish I understood more about it…it stinks!

If any of you have had any experience with vertigo, please share.  It seems more and more women are walking, or should I say stumbling, on this path.

Friday Fashion News will be full of  fun information and make sure you click the top of the sidebar and enter to win the necklace giveaway!  Tell your friends…I will reveal who gets the stunning necklace on Sunday!!

Have a great Thursday all!!

Outfit (all pieces purchased over two years ago):
Top: Simply Vera at Kohls
Black Crop Pants: Talbots
Sketchers Bob’s Flats: Ross

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