Vertigo: A Formidable Foe

Good News:  These are two pieces of clothing I could not wear at the beginning of summer…too tight!  Thanks to weight training, they fit now!  Whoo Hoo!!

Bad News:  For the second time in six months, I am battling vertigo!  It is no fun watching the room spin and the feeling of falling down.  I have spoken with several women my age in the last year with the same problems.  Vertigo is tough to figure out.  It can be a result of inner ear problems,  dehydration, stress, and symptoms of menopause.  I will say for me when I began to drink more water the day it returned, symptoms lightened up.  I am feeling much better now, but I know some who spin for weeks.  I wish I understood more about it…it stinks!

If any of you have had any experience with vertigo, please share.  It seems more and more women are walking, or should I say stumbling, on this path.

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Have a great Thursday all!!

Outfit (all pieces purchased over two years ago):
Top: Simply Vera at Kohls
Black Crop Pants: Talbots
Sketchers Bob’s Flats: Ross


  1. Love this outfit – you look wonderful. I can see the lovely planes in your bone structure. I too have suffered from vertigo, as have most of the women in my family. My doctor was able to prescribe a medication that works within a day, so at least now I know I can limit the impact. I do hope you feel better soon.

  2. I sometimes feel faint or dizzy if I stand up from a prone position quickly. My blood pressure is on the low side and I've always attributed it to that. I think if increasing your fluids and being sure to eat so your blood sugars stays constant don't resolve it that it would be worth a co-pay to consult with a physician. I had a friend whose mother would get dizzy and they ended up taking her off her blood pressure medication because it was causing dizziness. Falling isn't good!

  3. I had a case of vertigo last summer. It lasted about 2 weeks. I have not had any since thank goodness. I have been in menopause for 3 years now.I also talked to several women who experienced this in menopause.
    My doctor gave me meds to help with the spinning. The whole thing made me very anxious.

  4. I have to say my vertigo came about from stress on my last job and it shows up every so often when I am feeling ill/flu like symptoms. I have not had it since last April. So, I know it does go away for months or years. But am I over it? I think not. It seems to run its course just like the flu. You are still BLESSED!!!

  5. Sorry to hear the vertigo has returned. I know two different people who have had it, a man in his late 50s and a mom friend of mine who is in her mid-40s. In the woman's case, I believe it was brought on by an infection and it landed her in the hospital for nearly a week! It has not come back. I hope your bout will disappear, never to return! XO, Jill

  6. I've had to deal with vertigo and now I take medicine for it. Unfortunately I also get motion sick with it and throw up when I have it. Good luck and I hope you are much better soon.

  7. I have been dealing with it now for the last six weeks! Been to the doctor several times and still the feeling the same. Glad to hear you are better. It sure is a miserable feeling.

  8. Yes, you look great! Congrats on seeing the results of your hard work. Regarding the vertigo, I've had it and it's rough. Have you considered the mind/body link? I'm trained up in psychology and believe that vertigo is our body's way of distracting from psychological issues, both conscious and unconscious. A wonderful book is The Divided Mind by Dr. John Sarno. In my experience, understanding/believing in this link can help all by itself. Whether you explore this or not, I hope you feel better soon.

  9. Hi Pam, vertigo is no fun. You may be low on magnesium, most of us are. I buy a product called ReMag or get the spray from Ancient Minerals (topical is absorbed more efficiently). Actually, for a while I just added epsom salts to water and drank that but be careful of having to stay close to the bathroom. Cut back if that's a problem. Not so with ReMag. (I receive no compensation from either, just a fan). Also would recommend the book by Dr. Carolyn Dean. Not a cure all for everything but may help, check it out.
    So glad you are feeling good about yourself these days. Your body is going thru lots of changes and hopefully you'll be feeling up to par soon.

  10. Pam, I had vertigo when I was hitting 40. I visited the emergency room more than once and they couldn't find anything. I had forgotten about it until now. I did everything I could naturally to abate the problem and eventually it went away on its own. I think it might happen when hormones are fluctuating. I went into an early menopause at 43, so when I had the vertigo I was VERY pre-menopausal and didn't know it. My body was seriously shifting and vertigo was part of it. I feel your pain. xo

  11. I find I occasionally experience a little vertigo, often seems to be related to fatigue or low blood sugar. Mine's minor though…usually a minute or two sitting bent over with my head below my knees does the trick.

  12. Vertigo can be helped with low doses of diazepan (Valium) — of course, that depends on the cause. I have had it numerous times – usually associated with a sinus infection. Good luck – it can be miserable – My sister has it too and ended up in ICU the first time it happened.

  13. First, you look fab! Kudos on the hard work as it is paying off. You seriously rock!! Secondly, vertigo is no fun whatsoever. I have had some form of motion sickness for most of my life. It's bad when your eyes are closed, you are lying still on a flat surface and the universe threatens to spin you off into space. My neighbor has Menier's (sp?) and I think he has his bad days. When I was small my dad used to talk about his "swimmy" head and I'm guessing he suffered from vertigo. I will check into Miss Judith's recommendations.

  14. google Epley's Manuever. it worked for me and is exactly the same thing that was done when I went to see a specialist.
    best to you. i know it's awful…

  15. My mother had vertigo and it was treated at a clinic where they did some sort of therapy to get the "crystals" in the inner ear back in balance. Worked like a charm!!

  16. I have been diagnosed with possible Meniere's Syndrome after a severe episode of vertigo right after I had my daughter at age 33 (I am now 48). I was tested via CAT scan ( to rule out brain tumor), hearing tests, etc… My ENT dr. suggested I do the exercises mentioned by the other commenters and to NOT drink too much water because I evidently retain too much water causing an imbalance in my inner ear. Also, I was told to watch sodium intake and caffeine. Since that first episode about 14 yrs. ago I have had to sleep with my head elevated and cannot sleep on my back anymore – only on my side or I feel slightly dizzy. My episodes typically last about 3 weeks and it's throwing up the whole time. It's awful when it happens, I can barely move my head and must do so very slowly to not set myself off spinning! Supposedly, I may permanently lose my hearing after each episode. Yay 🙁 Sorry if I scared you! It sounds like yours isn't so severe.

  17. Congratulations! That is the absolute best feeling (for me at least) to be able to fit in old clothes again! About the vertigo… I agree with those who say goto a Dr and see what they say. It sometimes can be a very simple issue! Best of luck and I hope it goes away soon 🙂
    xo ~kim & chloe

  18. Yea for the weight loss
    It is almost as exciting as shopping for new clothes when something that didn't fit, fits again
    So sorry to about the vertigo
    My grandmother dealt with it when she was alive, very frustrating for her

  19. I've had experience with vertigo and so has my mother. There is a great product that is over the counter that Mom's doctor had her use and it works like a charm. It is called Bonine. It can also be used for people who experience motion sickness. When vertigo symptoms start, my mom starts taking the Bonine and the dizziness stops fairly quickly. After a week of taking the recommended dose, she is supposed to stop taking it and then waits to see if the symptoms return. Basically the doctor has told her to take it as needed. In every instance, she has only needed to take it for a week. I believe she has only had 4 episodes over a 5 year period. Not bad for a 86 year old! Hope this helps you, too.

  20. As a previous commenter mentioned try epley's manuever. There are videos on youtube describing how to do it. Takes 5 minutes and I was cured. Vertigo came back a few months later and I did it again. I hate taking drugs if I don't need to.
    take care,

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