In San Antonio, we awoke to temperatures in the 50s and low humidity…glorious!!  So, my family decided we wanted a screened-in porch for lunch dining!

CLEAR SPRINGS  provided the porch and delicious food for seven to enjoy!
As much color as is associated with autumn fashions, the season is really the best time to combine neutrals. Cooler weather is a perfect reason to mix the darker neutrals into seasonal styles.
I wore black, brown, deep green, and topped it with a peacock scarf!  I love combining blacks, browns and grays!

I discovered yesterday at the Goodwill seminar there are still some who cannot envision black and brown together…try it…I think you will be pleasantly surprised!!

Also, at Clear Springs, I think you will be surprised at the fish entrees…all delectable!

If I wore this to work, I would nix the floppy sweater and top it with a tailored jacket for better fit…but today was more relaxed!  Also, we ran into local blogger TORI enjoying the autumn dining as well!!

Black Leggings from Coldwater Creek (owned over a year)
Michael Kors black sweater from Ross (owned over a year)
Brown Pointed Toe Flats from Old Navy (owned over a year)
Peacock Scarf from Marshalls (owned over a year)

THE CLASSIC V NECK SWEATER FROM LANE BRYANT (recently purchased with rewards check!)

Hope all of you have a joyful Monday!! Now, hopefully you will visit the ladies from VISIBLE MONDAY!!  and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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