Fatigue was pulling down every wrinkle around each eye as I sat
 down at my desk that morning.  One restless night and a 5 AM 
workout to follow became a deadly cocktail of emotional and 
physical stress resulting in a rather down and out attitude to begin 
my day.
Let the pity party begin!  For the next thirty or so minutes, I 
inwardly whined about everything…
Why did I wait so long to take my health seriously?
Why did I eat those chips last night?
Why was I the one asked to proctor a two-hour test that morning
(we literally are instructed to stare at the students.  Teachers 
may not read, grade papers, go online…only stare at the kids)
Why was I broke on the day Chico’s was hosting a one-day 50% 
off sale?
Why didn’t my husband put gas in my car for me?
Why couldn’t I hire someone to clean my house?
Why did my best friend move so far away?
Why do I have so little free time? (I warned you..WHINING)
Oh woe is me….off I went to stare at the students!  When I came
out of the testing room, one of the office assistant’s handed me a
gift bag and said, “A nice lady came in and asked us to give this
to you.”
I opened the surprise gift only to discover a CHICOS gift card! An
amazing, surprise, thank-you-gift which came at just the right time.
True story…a sweet surprise from a friend…and at just the right 
moment.  I bought two items at the one day sale…one is this shirt
 and the other, a fun scarf I will model later.
Is there someone in your life who needs a sweet surprise of 
encouragement??  I plan to pass it on…how about all of us doing 
the same!!
Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone and 
remember to register to 
win the gift card from yesterday HERE!!

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