Fiesta Texas Fashions….Better Than a Roller Coaster!

I confess it has been years since I visited a theme park…at least
since my kids no longer needed a watchful eye.  Please don’t hate…but I don’t like rides…not
really any rides. I am not a fan of speed and surprise drops from the sky.  So, it was mainly out of wifely devotion that
I went with my husband recently to his company day at FIESTA TEXAS, a Six
Flags theme park in our city. 

I did agree to one ride…a slow Bugs Bunny log ride where I
got soaked to the bone (after the park employee said, Sit at the Back, you won’t
get wet!!) Then I attended the 1950s themed Rockin’ at Ridgeville High…I will
listen to that music anytime and anywhere.

I also did a little park-street-style-stalking of what other
women were wearing.  It is a tad unfair
to do this, because of the heat, humidity, and a surprise thunderstorm which
hit while we were there…so any women who looked good for the day….I admire!!

It is fun to visit Fiesta Texas…but if you like the rides,
you will enjoy it much more than I…word on the street is that the Superman Roller Coaster is awesome!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!


  1. I hate theme parks almost as much as the rides. Too much of everything, and I almost never have a good time when I am about to throw up. 🙂

  2. Happy Wednesday to you too! I'm 100% with you.. I'd rather watch than ride! In fact, I'd rather drop the kids off and go shopping, and it's the one time my husband would rather do the same, haha!!!
    xo ~kim (and chloe – who would rather ride than shop!)

  3. You got some great street-style shots! (Every time I've tried,, I've failed miserably.) I don't really care for rides, either, but with grandkids forthcoming…it may just be a matter of time!

  4. Thank you dear pam. She is due on the 21st, so every new day is a mixture of worry and longing for it to happen and go well.
    Much love dear friend.

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