Friday Fashion News – Edition #7

How exciting, we are at the end of the week…and this was an emotional one on many levels!  I hope all of you will get some rest and peace over the weekend.

This fabulous shoe belongs to my friend Kerry.  She has been on the hunt for an open-toe bootie for sometime to go with a special outfit.  I walked up and down the mall with her one day and we could not find the right one.

But, Kerry sent these pictures after she found the right shoe at EXPRESS..not usually where a sixty year old shops…but these shoes are gorgeous and comfortable.  She is going to rock this look!!

Yesterday, KRISTIN OF HIGHLAND FASHIONISTA introduced us to the premiere colors for Spring 2014.  There are some colors here I really like and they are so much better than the pink pastels we have seen so much lately.

Dress Barn has some great new looks on the website, HERE.   Their dresses have excellent fit and are worth trying on. 

That’s it for this Friday…I hope you have a good one!  Enjoy your October weekend!!


  1. Pam, I watched Oprah's show (on OWN) with Dr. Brene' Brown, author of Daring Greatly, and immediately thought of you. It was all about how fulfilling life can be if we allow ourselves to be
    vulnerable and dare to be ourselves. Dare to be great. You have truly done this by showing us how
    you have taken risks and changed your life. Thanks for being an inspiration. Love the booties.

  2. Hi Pam,
    I always love a bootie-something 'fierce' about wearing them. I'm off to Newport Beach to see family and will be meeting blogger Tamera Beardsley on Sunday. What to wear?? 😉
    Have a relaxing weekend my friend,
    xx, Heather

  3. I love those. I am a big fan of high heeled booties as long as I'm not going to be walking too far. Just because we are getting older doesn't mean we can't dress up. I go for fabulous, not frumpy. Unless I'm at home. Then I'm as frumpy as you'll ever see.

  4. PAM! Oh do I have my eye on a pair of short booties but closed toe…they are a whopping $140 that I can't spend right now, but oh how I'd rock in those….I mean LITERALLY ROCK back and forth like a hobby horse! I can sport my heels, but when I do, I suddenly have this urge to dance, to move and rock!!!!! It's best to keep Madame Rivera in flats or else I start to move like a dancer while teaching French!

    Thank you precious Pam for coming to visit me and have a bit of cherry-topped pancakes with Mr. Darcy. Wouldn't that be a lovely scene? Teeheee

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