Project Runway Goes Print Crazy!

Season 12 of Project Runway’s finale was really phenomenal.  Judges had a difficult choice to make between budding designers Dom Streater, Alexandria von Bromssen, Bradon MacDonald, and Justin LeBlanc.   There were selections in each collection I really liked, but I can easily see
why the judges went with the queen of prints, Dom.
 If you would like to see the runway finale styles, click HERE…each designer had to include one look which was made from unconventional materials, and one completely washable look.
If you would like to know more about Dom, then go HERE!

I really liked Alexandria’s more neutral show!

Next, week Alyssa Milano will host a new season of Project Runway all-stars.  For today, have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I read in the NY Times this weekend that the 12th season was particularly contentious among the contestants, in-fighting and difficult personalities. It was part of an interview with Tim Gunn (whom I love). They showed a picture of his living room and it was stunning. I haven't seen the whole season, but I did love Dom's designs.

  2. I enjoy Project runway also. I am glad Dom one she has a great way with prints and I am not a print kinda girl. I did not like Alexandria's style at all. Most of her creations throughout the whole season were just to raggedly and messy for me. And "poopy" pants? give me a break…

  3. I'm fifty and do fifty. Forties are behind. Be fifty and fabulous. Fifty does bikinis really nicely, does style, sensuality, and sexuality, really nicely. Be fifty and celebrate fifty.

  4. I'm so happy that Dom won but also delighted that the finale was so good across the board. I love everything about PR most especially Tim Gunn. I'm thrilled with the changes this year. I learn so much when the judges inspect the garments up close and we get to hear Tim's input on the finished products. I think it was a brilliant change to the format. Looking forward to PR All Stars!

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