I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  I have a few difficult family situations in progress and considered taking a couple of days off from blogging.  But, in processing the family issues, my eyes fell upon this book.

“Well Springs of Truth” by W.W. Breese, M.D. was published in 1883. It has been one of my special treasures since I was eleven years old.  At that time, I found it in a dirty trash can in the back alley behind our home.  Whoever owned it, tossed a whole box of books in the trash.  I loved books and could not imagine any thrown in the trash.  But, this book was amazing…it was full of treasures like the wonderful lady above….pressed flowers, pages from other books, a Confederate five dollar bill, leaves…every other page held a treasure.  For a young girl, it was amazing.

It was several years later when I actually read the book and loved so much of what it shared.  For example, “Help one another.  This little sentence should be written on every heart and stamped on every memory.  It should be the golden rule not only practiced in every household, but throughout the world.   By helping one another, we not only remove thorns from the pathway and anxiety from the mind, but we feel a sense of pleasure in our own hearts, knowing that we are doing a duty for a fellow creature. A helping hand or an encouraging word is not loss to us, yet it is a benefit to others.”

See, it is a joyful, inspiring treasure!  Do any of you have a treasure from your childhood you would like to tell us about??

Happy Thursday!!

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