Confidence with Trends

We don’t have to let fashion trends cause us to grieve over low clothing budgets or get down on ourselves.  Sometimes participating in a trend is just a matter of updating or remixing garments we already own! No worries about lack of funds to buy something new.

I have seen turquoise and black everywhere this season!  So I just pulled together:
A fun animal striped DANA BUCHMAN poncho from Kohls…I think I have owned two years!

I feel fashion forward and confident!!

I topped it off with these fun flats I found a couple of years ago at Goodwill for $1.99…tags still on!  The little pointed embellishments were

on trend that year as well!

Next week, I will have a complete book review of

But, let me leave you with this quote from Tish:

“When we feel good about ourselves, we feel powerful, which in turn gives us confidence and, honestly, what is more alluring than a gorgeous facade bolstered by self assurance?”

Oui!  Go out today with confidence and have a fabulous Tuesday!


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