My Jeans and Me

When JILL and ADRIENNE announced this month’s 
collaboration would be HOW I WEAR MY JEANS,  
I just smiled.  I wear jeans often during week…live in Texas after
all!  But, over the years there has been just one simple look that
is my favorite way to style my denim.
The ingredients?
Dark wash jeans
A collared white shirt
Black Jacket
This is a go to look for me when I
 want confidence-assured and not 
feeling particularly risky. The shoes
 can be anything from boots, to
flats, to this little leopard number I
 recently found at Ross.
A couple of years back, another blogger group did a collaboration
with the theme of this exact look…everyone was wearing their
version of these three pieces.  It was fun to see so many women 
liked the same version…with a few twists.  So, if you
Happen to be running errands around San Antonio?
Walking along our Riverwalk?
or Shopping at La Cantera?
You just might run into me looking like this!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

And visit the other looks HERE and HERE!!

Our new website Midlife Boulevard has gone live!
You will begin to see my regular post there next 


  1. Hi Pam! This is the exact kind of outfit I would wear too. It always works and is perfect when you don't have a lot of time or don't want to overthink an outfit. Thank you SO MUCH for joining us once again and thank you for the mention! XO, Jill

  2. A variation of this "look" has been my fav for years. I'm from Fort Worth, live in Seattle area, and visit often. I typically wear this when in Texas.

    Black Travelsmith blazer
    White shirt or tee shirt
    Dark wash straight leg Coldwater Creek jeans in long
    Black Justin boots
    Lots of silver and turquoise jewelry

    Great minds think alike….

  3. Love this classic look…it's an outfit you can wear anywhere! I do a variation with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy white tee, black blazer. Skinnies, if I want to be a little dressier.
    Thank you so very much for joining me and Jill for this month's HIWM.
    And thank you for the post!

  4. Super Cute! Well, maybe I am biased because I wear this outfit ALL the time!!!!!!!! sometimes it is leopard flats, sometimes leopard heels, sometimes high booties. Denim, white blouse and black jacket are ALWAYS chic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo pippa

  5. Hi Pam!! First, I love your take on the "uniform". It really is the perfect default and you look great. The cool shoes give it personality and I can imagine funky boots as well. Second, congrats on your new website. I know it'll be fabulous. Third, I LOVE YOUR PLANTS in the photos. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by Dross, too. I just wish I had more time to blog!! I love staying connected and getting inspiration. XXOO

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