I have a friend who wrote a book years ago titled Little House on the Freeway! 
Though it was perhaps over twenty years back, I think the fast paced, freeway
lifestyle has only morphed into a Little House on the Race Track!
Everyone around me always seems to be in a hurry.  I am
more aware of it in education…parents want to push their younger children to
work harder, take more advanced placement classes, be in several extra-
curricular activities….race, race, race…the goal is to win places in top
colleges.  Some students do well under pressure…others, shut down.
Somehow, I grew up taking time to appreciate the beauty of
nature and I still do this today. I love to point out to friends and loved ones,
in the midst of the rat race, a glorious sunrise; a bright, big moon; the
brilliant color in a landscape…and sometimes, inside of these places I discover
a little fashion inspiration. 
Last summer, my eye fell on these Vera Wang leggings on
clearance at Kohl’s.  They were a lovely, burnt orange and an even
lovelier price of $7.00 (can’t beat the out of season sales). Immediately, I convinced myself I had to own
this color…
Bought them…
Took them home…
And proceeded to forget about them!!
Until, my pumpkin jarred my memory.  Between the pumpkin,
and a beautiful butterfly on my bushes, I was inspired to wear them with a Soft
Surroundings black tunic I purchased last year….and now I have a favorite
Do you take time to notice nature around you?  If not, give
it a try…you just might discover a new outfit and more peaceful moments!

Have a wonderful, colorful Wednesday!!

Black, sweater tunic:  Soft Surroundings
Simply Vera Vera Wang Leggings: Kohls
Wanted Gold Shoes: DSW

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