Country Inspiration in a Freeway World!

I have a friend who wrote a book years ago titled Little House on the Freeway! 
Though it was perhaps over twenty years back, I think the fast paced, freeway
lifestyle has only morphed into a Little House on the Race Track!
Everyone around me always seems to be in a hurry.  I am
more aware of it in education…parents want to push their younger children to
work harder, take more advanced placement classes, be in several extra-
curricular activities….race, race, race…the goal is to win places in top
colleges.  Some students do well under pressure…others, shut down.
Somehow, I grew up taking time to appreciate the beauty of
nature and I still do this today. I love to point out to friends and loved ones,
in the midst of the rat race, a glorious sunrise; a bright, big moon; the
brilliant color in a landscape…and sometimes, inside of these places I discover
a little fashion inspiration. 
Last summer, my eye fell on these Vera Wang leggings on
clearance at Kohl’s.  They were a lovely, burnt orange and an even
lovelier price of $7.00 (can’t beat the out of season sales). Immediately, I convinced myself I had to own
this color…
Bought them…
Took them home…
And proceeded to forget about them!!
Until, my pumpkin jarred my memory.  Between the pumpkin,
and a beautiful butterfly on my bushes, I was inspired to wear them with a Soft
Surroundings black tunic I purchased last year….and now I have a favorite
Do you take time to notice nature around you?  If not, give
it a try…you just might discover a new outfit and more peaceful moments!

Have a wonderful, colorful Wednesday!!

Black, sweater tunic:  Soft Surroundings
Simply Vera Vera Wang Leggings: Kohls
Wanted Gold Shoes: DSW


  1. Pam, you are right and since I live on the countryside I sometimes took the beautiful nature for granted but over the years I have learned to appreciate the moment! I even stop on my short way to work and take photos of a beautiful morning in the mountains.

    Your look is just what I love these days – an oversized sweater or a tunic with skinny trousers and a scarf!

    Have a wonderful day too!
    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. Your house looks warm and welcoming, just like you.
    I feel I could go in and feel at home.
    We are away from Adam at the moment sorting out the sale of our house. We are moving close to my daughter, so fingers crossed we will be able to hold him nearly everyday. Such a little thing and has push us to do things that we planned for years and never came round to do.
    Much love, dear friend

  3. You look so cozy and chic, and thanks for the reminder to look to Nature. We don't have to be caught up in the crazy pressures of more-faster-better! xox

  4. You are so cute I just want to hug you. Love the outfit. I have been buying similar leggings in all different colors from The Paper Store. They are like $12 and they are so warm tucked into boots under skirts. Hope you are well. xo

  5. Pam #1 I bought the same leggings in black, they are awesome. Plus I am LOVING those shoes!
    I am quite sincere in my offer to thrift with you, it would be a blast! Let me know when you will be in town. Jen and I want to put together an entire outfit for you under $10!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 pippa

  6. I love to take fashion inspiration from nature. I live in New England, so I have lots of choices: red/gold/brown in the fall; soft lavender and blue in the winter; bright pink in the spring; and blues/orange/khaki in the summer. Lest you think I walk around looking like a rainbow, I use the colors as a pop against a basic neutral wardrobe. Very similar to the way you've styled your lovely outfit.

  7. J’adore vous lire. Vous avez raison, il faut savoir prendre le temps de regarder toutes les belles choses qu’il y a autour de nous. Et vous êtes toujours de bon conseil. Merci.

  8. I'm always noticing how colors and textures interplay in nature!! so much inspiration!!
    I love your black top with the leggings-so comfortable and chic!

  9. Oh Pam, Catherine's Cashmere pieces are so beautiful. I'm going to have to save a few pennies and indulge. I'm in love with the pale blue scarf/wrap.

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