Goodwill Just Makes Sense…For Coats!!

It’s that time of year again!!  Many of you are already experiencing cold winds and some even snow.  Now, of course, I am not dealing with that in San Antonio…though this mornings temps in the 40s felt amazing!  But, that is why GOODWILL makes so much sense for us!

I found this cozy leopard jacket at our new Goodwill on Bulverde Road!  It will be perfect when things get colder and is so on trend!

But, for the price of one brand new coat….I can get several styles shopping Goodwill.  This is my Mad-Men coat I found last year and I love the vintage, chic styling of it!!

Of course, this makes sense for those who must wear coats almost every day of winter.  Why get bored with just one?  Shop GOODWILL and you have several different styles!

I’ve seen gorgeous leather coats I so wish had been in my size….plus with Goodwill you have the satisfaction of helping your own community!  

Stay warm everyone and have a wonderful Monday!!
(Gift Cards for shopping provided by Goodwill SA)

Drum roll, please….the winner of the Soft Surroundings gift card is blogger, Beth Ann Chiles!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!  There are so many great ways to spend it!!

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    I am loving the leopard print look this year. I had a darling short leopard print jacket that I wore for years and then put it in my theatre closet at school. One of my little fourth grade boys took to it and wore it not only in our play, but enjoyed taking it out to just wear!!!!!

    Thank you my friend for coming to visit me. And I love your short black boots! Anita

  2. Fantastic animal print coat, Pam! I agree, Goodwill is a great resource for outerwear (and everything else) : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. Pam, I adore both your coats, really wonderful and well chosen! I'm a coat junkie and have collected many over the years starting with those found in UK's versions of Goodwill when I was a student. Wearing coats is one of the best parts of Winter.

  4. You found that jacket at Goodwill? For heaven's sakes, can someone please teach me how to thrift? I never find anything good and that is a steal! Way to go… you look fabulous!!! Enjoy every minute of it!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  5. You found that jacket at Goodwill? For heaven's sakes, can someone please teach me how to thrift? I never find anything good and that is a steal! Way to go… you look fabulous!!! Enjoy every minute of it!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  6. Both fabulous coats! I especially like the black one and the hat you're wearing with it – such a great look.

    I saw a similar leopard coat at the vintage shop here, and I don't know why I didn't at least try it on!. Yours looks gorgeous!

  7. Pam, I LOVE that leopard coat! I have tried on a few like this at Goodwill and Value Village, but they are always too big or too small. I don't see them often because I'm sure they get snatched up quickly. I sure do hope to own one someday though. Have a great week. 🙂

  8. The leopard jacket is definitely a great score! It is in pristine condition from what I see. Sigh, I wish we have such a ting as Goodwill here, it would be fun! I have a pair of sherling jacket from the 60s my MIL pass down to me but it is way too big and I'm still looking for a correct place to send for alteration to wear on colder trips abroad.


  9. OH! i love your leopard print jacket, and you look fantastic! i wish i could find one at Goodwill! with patience i will –
    I shop at Salvation Army for my coats, they have such a selection – and true why only wear one?
    Last week i purchased 2 coats for $20 at Salvation Army


  10. Prrrr, growl, meioow, I want that jacket!
    The anti-fur lobby was so strong in England years ago, throwing red paint at shops and wearers, that I don't see much real fur about anymore. (Only on visiting Italians!) But pretend fur is another matter. I'm going to have to go on a second-hand hunt!

  11. hi Pam! My Mom (my fashion guru) loved to buy coats. She must have had 20 at the time of her death. I got 2, my niece wanted one and my daughter wanted one. The rest were packed off to donation-ville. I sure wish now that I had some more of them, but her fetish has spilled over to me. I have 20 coats now and hopefully want to get a few more at the 50% Off Sale at Savers on Monday. Nice to see this post. We had a new baby grandson born on Monday with lung complications. He is improving but that is why I am slow getting to peeps at Visible Monday! forgive? ok? ok ♥

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