Hopefully, you all had a fabulous weekend! Let’s start a new week by meeting a very
special lady of a certain age.
If you are headed to San Antonio and want to take in some
amazing consignment shopping, you only need to remember one street, Blanco Road.  For several miles from one end of this byway
to another, shoppers discover three locations for TOO GOOD TO BE THREW fashion
and furniture consignment boutiques.
To say that sixty two year old, Linda Reams is one of our
city’s best success stories is an understatement.  She is also a beacon for pursuing a passion
and making it work.  In the late 1960s,
Linda was a typical Kelly-girl and she found each desk job to be as dry as the next.  She was one of five siblings in a family
struggling to make it, but with a mother determined to overcome.  There was no reason for her children to look
shabby with resale treasures waiting to be discovered.
“We went on a shopping trip to Houston to a large resale
store,” said Linda.  “And my heart began
to beat rapidly!  My mother loved to shop
and see how successful she could be with just a little.  Even today, at 83, my mother can out shop my
sister and I.  She loves to come into the
store and become stylist for any of the shoppers….and she is good at it.”
In 1979, Linda opened the first TOO GOOD TO BE THREW and she
says its success was due to timing…they were the first in a city ready for
resale.  Yet, she quietly and humbly
attributes the continued success to “treating people right.”   She listened when customers asked for
children’s resale, then men’s, and finally stunning furniture.
 Her desire is
for each customer to feel as though they went through a high-end shopping
experience in their spirits, but not their budgets…just joy here…no guilt.
When I asked to share the most fabulous piece they had seen
come through the store, Kassie, one of Linda’s employees was quick to mention a Marge Carson sofa which originally was purchased for $18,000 and they sold for
Linda is having so much fun, she doesn’t see herself ever
retiring.  “It is not in my thinking,”
she said. She is such an example of what can be accomplished with determination,
diligence, and passion.

So, what did I buy while I was there?? It was a tough decision, but I fell in love with this Chico’s animal print jacket…I think it was meant for me!

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