Bobbi Brown Eyes Create Holiday Beauty

The make up tips from our fun party at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE were all about enhancing our eyes and lips.  Women of a certain age should not be afraid of the smokey eye for a holiday party.  But bring it on!  

We were introduced to the holiday products by Bobbi Brown and they are gorgeous.  All of the ladies were amazed at the eye brightner and how great it helps our eyes look!

This Smokey Eye Palette
is really easy to use.  The dark one at the end is a great eyeliner and can be softened with the sponge on the end of the brush.

This Eye Brightner is magic in a little bottle. We all loved the way it enhanced the look of the eyes and opened them. It is gorgeous.

For the holidays, select a great lip color..maybe a little darker than you usually go and make it last with a lip liner.  Cream blush also stays on through the parties and does not settle into wrinkles.

Finally, I stalked this customer because I loved her look and wanted to share it with you….

Who says seasoned ladies aren’t cool…we so are!!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone…see you later today and I will introduce you to a successful over sixty business woman who is making the rest of us look great…and our homes as well!


  1. Hi Pam, I just saw that Bobbi Brown palette in a Bloomie's catalog and I so want one but I gotta think about it because it is NOT cheap! Love that you got that lady's picture. I love her whole look. Fun post, thanks for a smile on a dreary-looking Sunday in NYC! XO, Jill

  2. PAM! HELLO!

    I am wearing the smokey color all winter long and I am loving it. I usually wear a darker shadow but mostly brown. But the little tip of the applicator is fun to blend in the gray and it makes my eyes look great. We ARE great, us seasoned ladies!

    Thank you my dear for coming by to visit! Anita

    1. Hi Valerie, She put it on top of the concealer. The concealer covered well, but the brightner did exactly as it said…brighted and widened the eyes! You could tell a noticeable difference and we all loved it.

    1. I have only observed the experts do this once, Anne…but it appeared they went just around the bottom of where the concealer stops and around the sides. The people who work for Bobbi Brown will show you wherever their makeup is sold (most department stores). It looked great!

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