No Party Needed…Just Sparkle!

I use to be one of those who thought sequins and bling should be saved for New Year’s Eve!  But, in my new world after 50 and beyond, I realize that a little understated bling is always appropriate.

I think I will wear this outfit to visit with friends this week…or shopping…or to dinner…or the Christmas luncheon at work.

The sparkle in the SHIMMIER GLIMMER TANK from CHICOS will work in many places…here I have it with a velvet blazer from LANE BRYANT a couple of years ago; and skinny denim from Lane Bryant.

I also have a fellow teacher about my age who wears understated bling about once a week….and I have to say in her photography department this type of style works!

What are your thoughts about bling….anytime? or party only?

We are down to ten days before Christmas…are you ready?  Now, go enjoy the wonderful ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY!!!  and MONDAY MINGLE!! and FASHIONISTA STYLE BLOG HOP!!

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  1. A little bling can be worn anywhere now–the office, casual cocktails or a family dinner. Lots of bling is a lot harder to carry off–I read your article over at Midlife is it?~~but I'm one for NO RULES. so bring it on…..
    all I have for bling right now is my nails….lol

  2. Love that tank – it's gorgeous! Bling it on is what I say. I save my china for special occasions, but I have stopped saving my fashion for anything special!
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  3. Pam, your bling is fabulous and perfectly daytime appropriate. I'm so glad that it's become acceptable to wear a bit of sparkle any time; it's such a mood-lifter!

  4. One piece of bling combined with classics is a big hit with me! You always look great. Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't find time to visit with you again before then. Hugs! Susan

  5. Bling is great anytime. All those selections from Chico's land LB ook great on you. my issue with Chico's and LB both is that the jackets are usually short and I look best in hip length. As we age and waistlies spread, short isn't always our best choice.I love jackets and I'd shop there more often if theirs were longer.

  6. Am I the only one who reserves anything with bling for the evening? Working at a small law firm, a sparkly top would feel really out of place. And maybe I am hopelessly behind in fashion trends.

    1. Hi Cornelia,
      I think if I worked at a law firm, I would not do this either! But, you could wear bling for shopping or going out with the ladies to lunch on the weekend. I think we all have to discern our work situations for sparkle like this! Don't feel like the only one…I support your decision!

  7. One of the things I loved about the year that we spent in Japan was the fact that sparkle wasn't reserved for a certain season of the year. Since returning to Canada, I no longer save my shimmery sweaters for Christmas time but wear them throughout the winter months.

  8. I enjoy a little bling whenever the mood strikes me. The amount of bling varies with the appropriateness of the occasion, but a touch of bling usually makes me feel light and happy. I am currently looking for a tee to wear on New Year's Eve with a touch of bling at the neckline to wear under a slightly metallic sweater. It is a casual event, but New Year's calls for festive bling. Anyone have any suggestions?

  9. I wore something very similar to your outfit on Thanksgiving. I never get tired of sequins, day or night, I do not need a party to wear them or appreciate them on others! XO, Jill

  10. Simple bling in the office is acceptable these days. I make sure I have a little bling daily as I am Director of First Impressions at my job. I never look like I am going to a arty…but I believe a little shimmer goes a long way and makes a girl feel great. Thank you for sharing!!!.

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