Wow, I watched the footage of a car running head on into a
store…a woman who was leaving, purchase in hand, jumped to save her life…glass
breaking, door coming in…and the news anchor calming revealed a 71-year-old
woman had accidentally hit the gas pedal.

I shook my head, actually thinking maybe 70-somethings
shouldn’t be given licenses…
Wait a Minute

Stunned…frozen…I stared into the stark reality in front of my face.   I am just ten years away from that same age.  It is no longer…those elderly people

 As I sit here today, in fairly good health, I
see no reason why I could not be driving at 71 and possess near the same abilities as I
do today.

But, my how perception changes.  I don’t feel old and I often have to remind
myself that I am 60.  It wasn’t that long
ago my own ideas of how I would be at sixty were completely different from how
they actually are.  My hair is not gray
(visually, not gray)…I am not walking with a walker…my voice doesn’t shake…I
don’t yell at my son-in-law…and I do not need help up the stairs.   However, that was how I perceived things would be as I turned the corner into the “golden” years of life.  

Hopefully, at 71, none of us will be plowing through
stores.  Yet, I will no longer find
myself thinking that driving laws should be different for that age. 

Ten years….
Ten, short years….
My first grandchild will be ten years old and I hope he
thinks his GG is super cool!  I also hope
his GG feels as great then as she does today. 
One thing is for sure…if I am still driving…I will be very careful!
Has anyone else had your own naive beliefs about aging suddenly
slap you in the face?

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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