New Jeans, New Glasses, New Day!

Yep, things are looking up!  I am definitely beginning to see changes in my body from working out!

And since I am a lover of jeans, I found myself looking in my closet with Goldilocks on my mind…
some were too big…
some were too small…
So, I ordered these INC JEANS FROM MACYS and they are just right! (Designed for a curvy figure!)

I love the skinny leg and the dark denim…and the smaller size!!

Now, my glasses, are the cool, IVY LEAGUE BIFOCAL READERS sent to me from READERS.COM.  The only problem is my husband keeps taking them and wearing them as well!  These are fashionable, affordable readers for everyone!

Go out with confidence today, ladies!  MACYS has some great sale prices right now if you need to go jean shopping like me!!

Now, go enjoy the wonderful women of VISIBLE MONDAY!!  and MONDAY BLOOM!!  and Fashionista Style Hop!


  1. Hi Pam~~I have about 20 pairs of glasses from! Mostly sunglasses, but I love that site.
    congrats on the new size–and I love your picture of your front entryway. And the jeans look great! oxox

  2. Great outfit, Pam! I always love jeans with blazers. And congratulations on reaping those rewards from working out! (One day I'll get motivated to tighten up this post-Christmas tummy.)

  3. LOL Pam.. a friend I went running with today who is older than me was just complaining that since she started wearing glasses for reading labels, etc and her husband keeps taking her glasses and using them. she told him he needs to get his own pair and he replied: I dont need glasses. Funny!! Anyway I also really love your black soft fuzzy scarf as you know me and my love of anything animal 🙂 You look awesome as always!! xo j

  4. Ugh! Jean shopping! Right up there with bathing suit shopping in the stress department! You look great. Cute jeans, cute glasses, awesome scarfy thing.

  5. The jeans have a great fit to it, no wonder you love them! When I find a pair that fits me well, I normally buy a couple just in case 😉

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai UAE

  6. there is nothing like the rewards of working out…losing weight, looking good and feeling proud of yourself..not to mention being stronger and healthier…all of these things contribute to joy in a new pair of jeans

  7. Thanks for the tip. Nice fitting jeans are so hard to find. Jeans are my favorite too, still need to loose a few more pounds. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment.

  8. You look great, Pam and I am so happy for you that you see the difference. It is all about how we feel, isn't it?
    Dark jeans are my favourites too and the curvy ones fit so much better.

    Annette | Lady of Style
    2 x 60€ Valentine's Legwear Giveaway

  9. Congratulations on your achievement! Good for you, and very good for you that you have the great style to dress well all during the process. Jeans are particularly difficult on the psyche … I have jeans that I actually wear from size 6 to size10 … sizing is notoriously capricious. Enjoy your success! You look great.

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