New Way to Find Fabulous Candles

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  I have written often of my love for candles…especially this time of year!

I love to rise early, light candles and work in peace and quiet.  Of course, I love scented candles so I was thrilled when Scented Candle Shop introduced me to their website.  They carry one of my favorites, Yankee Candles, at excellent prices.

You can see I love the “spicy” aromas…in fact, one of these smells like warm spice cake in the oven!  I found the site to be affordable and the candles were packed exceptionally well for shipping.

If you are a candle lover as I am, you just might want to give them a try.  If you missed the link above, here it is again…Scented Candle Shop!

Have a Wednesday full of sweet aromas!

See you tomorrow for I MATTER…..

Candles provided by Scented Candle Shop


  1. I am a long time Yankee Candle fan, and always have them at my house. My favourites are the warm spices, too. Don't like anything roses, lilac or other floral what have you. They always smell like cheap perfume to me. I will check out the Scented Candle Shop.

  2. Pam- I love candles too. They help me set just the tone I want in my environment. Thanks for your kind words on Stylemindchic and I'm so happy we've become friends (and colleagues;) here in blog world.

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