OOTD Challenges: What To Do?? What To Do??

I am in that place again.

It is a place I know all too well.  I have been here often. It is a place where you have to be a “glass is half full” kind of thinker or discouragement sets in. 

The place?  My closet….where I find clothes too big and clothes too small, but very few (especially pants and skirts) which fit properly.  This habitation would not be so bothersome were I not a blogger attempting to inspire others with outfit-of-the-day styles.  I am certain there are many of you who have thought…are those the only pants she owns? Sort of…I only have a very limited number which fit properly…three or four?

Weight training is working, but my trainer (BZ) was very up front that the “Tire in the middle” is the last batch of fat to burn.  In the midst of my busy life, I have placed calorie counting on the low priority list (yet again)and it needs to come higher in order for the fat to burn faster.
I for sure have lost weight and inches…woo hoo!   But, many of you know what happens…pant legs are now loose, but those are the ones which also are still needed to fit the tummy. 

I absolutely do not want to spend money on clothing to fit me right now!!   I want to keep working to get into the things which don’t fit..the smaller garments I can see on the horizon will fit soon. 

So, I confess…you will see oldie-goldie garments re-mixed over and over again…but stick with me…I hope to have much fun when I begin to achieve my goals!  For now, I look at all of this with a positive attitude…daily table the frustrations with the garments…and look to be as creative with what does fit as I possibly can.
I will blog about diet later…while exercise seems to be under control…I have some work to do with eating.  It is a process…and one I will conquer! It took me until age 60 to get really determined… trust me, don’t wait that long, ladies!  However, it is not too late if you have waited. 

Back to the classroom on Monday…holidays are officially over…have a fabulous beginning to your week everyone!!

Does anyone else currently have a closet full of clothes which mostly don’t fit??  Any tips you would like to share as we patiently work through this?  Shopping is not the answer..not yet, anyway! 


  1. Stretch this and jersey that. I find they are more forgiving and comfortable while your measurements change. I stick to basic plain colours (camel, ivory and black) for most pieces and then go to town with accessories (scarves, jewelry, purses). I think it's how you put pieces together that is the most interesting, less the pieces themselves (my opinion). Good for you for keeping up with the healthy living goals!

  2. I think you look terrific. I'm in a similar situation and am rotating just three pairs of pants!! That's where wise use of accessories save the day for me. I still need to get myself to the gym, so bravo you're already there! Have a great week. xoJennifer

  3. Don't worry about it, Pam. You can only wear one pair of pants at a time and we're all looking forward to seeing what you choose when the time to shop again arrives! In the meantime, you continue to inspire us to be the best that we can be.

  4. Ack, that transitional stage is a frustrating one. Hang in there, and in the meantime remixing a few pieces will help you hone what works so when you DO shop you'll be shopping smarter.

  5. I have always been drawn to classics rather than trendy styles and so when things don't fit as well (if they're in good shape) I have them altered. I wind up with something that's not out of date (like black pants and pencil skirts), it costs a fraction of what it would to replace them and I don't feel frustrated looking at a row of clothes that I'm too stubborn to replace but won't wear. But if it's affordable, I'd suggest biting the bullet and donating the items that you can't seem to break up with. And rebuild slowly.

  6. My comment disappeared, so this may appear twice. Basically, I suggested altering what is in good shape if it isn't out of date. It's a fraction of the cost to replace. If you know you can't break up with your clothes, you might have to brace yourself and donate. Then rebuild slowly.

  7. Two years ago I lost 30 pounds. I had my good pants altered when I dropped a size. When I dropped down again my seamstress said she couldn't take them in any more. What I did then was go to lower cost stores and buy a few new things. That way I at least had clothes that fi. I have replaced them with better quality during sales. But what a grand problem to have!

  8. First, congrats on your results and all your hard work. And I find it a fun challenge to work with a small number of pieces — although I too worry about my OOTD's — seen that before!

  9. Nobody will notice whether you have worn the same pair of slacks twice in a week as long as put look put together. That's why a paired down travel wardrobe works so well as long as the basics are neutral and you have some great accessories to add some interest. And to paraphrase a saying we have in Germany: If hair and shoes look good, you can fudge a little in the middle. And suffice it to say, you have that nailed.

  10. I have many clothes that are now too big. However, I am just on the cusp of going down a size and, like you, shopping is not the answer. I am relying on a few pairs of pants that aren't huge, a variety of T's and, my saviors, the scarves. Accessorize, accessorize and I even splurged on a little makeup to brighten up my outlook. I, too, had exercise under control, but didn't start to lose until I joined Weight Watcher's. Everyone has something that will work for them and WW is mine.

  11. Hiring a trainer is the best thing you can do to change your body for the better forever. And I think you look marvelous by the way. So does you site. What a beautiful presentation. Best of luck with your year.

  12. I know what you mean about buying to fit now, I did however, try on everything in all my closets and donated items that no longer fit. I think if you have enough accessories you can make an "old" outfit look new again. BTW – I love those boots!!

  13. What a wonderful problem to have. I was there after gaining 70 pounds during my first pregnancy. Ad I lost the weight, I gave the too big clothes to charity. I wad happy to get rid of them.

  14. being between sizes is always hard
    even if you only have one pair of pants that fit, you can wear them everyday and change the tops to look like a totally different outfit.
    No one but you will ever know you are wearing the same pants!!

  15. I'm in exactly the same situation! I've lost 22 pounds in the last two years and my Winter trousers were so baggy my husband told me I needed to ditch them and buy a smaller size. Like you, I'm exercising but am so very frustrated that my midsection doesn't seem to be budging. I hope you'll share what works for you with us – with me – because I'm ready for my tummy to catch up with the rest of me.


  16. Congrats on the weight loss, Pam! Tailoing may be key in the interim..
    OOTD interest? It's hard to keep it fresh–thats part of the reason i went to video–it became the same ole outfit week in, week out. Xoxo

  17. Two years ago when I lost more than 45 pounds, not even my shoes would fit! I bought inexpensive items to fill in the gaps until I lost all the weight and gave things away as they got way too big for me. I am so proud of how far you've come Pam. You look great!

  18. I think you look fabulous and if you don't mind me saying you have great legs:). I would rather see someone on the same pair of great fitting, stylish pants every day than a different pair daily that don't fit and don't flatter in ply for the sake of wearing something different:)

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