I am in that place again.

It is a place I know all too well.  I have been here often. It is a place where you have to be a “glass is half full” kind of thinker or discouragement sets in. 

The place?  My closet….where I find clothes too big and clothes too small, but very few (especially pants and skirts) which fit properly.  This habitation would not be so bothersome were I not a blogger attempting to inspire others with outfit-of-the-day styles.  I am certain there are many of you who have thought…are those the only pants she owns? Sort of…I only have a very limited number which fit properly…three or four?

Weight training is working, but my trainer (BZ) was very up front that the “Tire in the middle” is the last batch of fat to burn.  In the midst of my busy life, I have placed calorie counting on the low priority list (yet again)and it needs to come higher in order for the fat to burn faster.
I for sure have lost weight and inches…woo hoo!   But, many of you know what happens…pant legs are now loose, but those are the ones which also are still needed to fit the tummy. 

I absolutely do not want to spend money on clothing to fit me right now!!   I want to keep working to get into the things which don’t fit..the smaller garments I can see on the horizon will fit soon. 

So, I confess…you will see oldie-goldie garments re-mixed over and over again…but stick with me…I hope to have much fun when I begin to achieve my goals!  For now, I look at all of this with a positive attitude…daily table the frustrations with the garments…and look to be as creative with what does fit as I possibly can.
I will blog about diet later…while exercise seems to be under control…I have some work to do with eating.  It is a process…and one I will conquer! It took me until age 60 to get really determined… trust me, don’t wait that long, ladies!  However, it is not too late if you have waited. 

Back to the classroom on Monday…holidays are officially over…have a fabulous beginning to your week everyone!!

Does anyone else currently have a closet full of clothes which mostly don’t fit??  Any tips you would like to share as we patiently work through this?  Shopping is not the answer..not yet, anyway! 

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