Author Ann Brashears was definitely on to something when she
molded together great female friendships and the perfect fitting pair of jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  “Wear them, they will make you brave,” was
the accolade as four young women passed the pants around to assist them with
the trials of life.

Well, the dynamic women of J.Jill have decided to take this
concept a step further with their TRUE BLUE campaign…a message to celebrate the
great friendships throughout our lives and the best classic denim we all must
have in our closets!

The top picture is my TRUE BLUE friend, Karen.  We first met sixteen years ago when our young
sons found one another in kindergarten. 
We have become friends through child raising, football supporting, and
now weight lifting.  She is someone I can
count on…no matter the circumstances.  I have
many true blue friends which span over time from women I was close to in high
school to women I have worked and parented next to.  

course, the blog audience knows my dear friend, Gigi, who talked me into
starting the blog over three years ago.  She has been a
confidant and dear sister for a long time.

In honor of the TRUE BLUE campaign, J.Jill would like to
give a couple of over50feeling40 followers and your best TRUE BLUE friend a pair of their true blue affordable denim! !  All you have to
do is comment below and tell us about one of your friends…one who is there
through thick and thin.  Then, if selected, both of you can shop!!

I want to thank Karen, Gigi, and all of my friends for their
support and encouragement!!  And I want
to thank J.Jill….I love their clothes…and I bet their jeans are good for a
little special magic as well…just like in the book and movie!

Visit the new styles at J.Jill…comment….and thank a friend
with a new pair of jeans or a gift card.  Pretty simple…and lots of fun!  (while you look at the J.Jill denim, check out the cute new tops!)
I will select winners each week through February 26…but you must comment below!  This is also linked to the fabulous FASHIONISTA STYLE HOP WITH SHELLEY!!  and WAKE UP WEDNESDAY LINKY PARTY!

Karen and I received gift cards from J.Jill….but the words and beliefs here are mine!

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