Today, I am joining the ProFlowers Spring Look Campaign!  There are two trends immediately evident this upcoming season…kimonos and florals.

So, with my vintage rose kimono, and a rose necklace (I discovered in a fun little boutique about three years ago), I am able to participate in the fun!  Spring is the perfect time to think of flowers…whether placing them throughout the house or wearing them throughout the wardrobe.

I really love kimonos and they are showing on several sites…many with floral patterns.  This look is perfect for dinner with the husband, movies with the girls, attending an art show, or just fun at the mall.  And I also really love roses…if I want to send some, I click HERE…if I want to wear them, I reach for these items in my closet.

Since we are all improving with age…here is a rose which has been on my desk since Valentine’s Day…I believe it is still gorgeous as it dries…definitely improving with age!

Does anyone else have a kimono or colorful florals already in your closet?

Have a warm, wonderful, weekend all!!
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