Taking Care of Hearts Big and Small with your Favorite Romantic Movie!

Happy February, everyone!  Hope you are well and warm!  When reading the February edition of Ladies Home Journal, I found an article titled “6 Weeks to a Healthier Heart.”
Of course, I am not where I should be, but I am on the way to getting there.  I found that I am doing almost everything on their list.  I do not have a Meatless Monday, but I like the idea, so I think I will start!
Things I am doing are cutting back on sweets and salts, taking Vitamin D, weight training, cardio, and taking care of my teeth.  You might get a copy and read the article…I found it helpful.

Also, please consider giving some time to tiny hearts.  One of my favorite bloggers and authors, Tish Jett, informed us this week of a great fundraiser for a group called BABYHEART, and organization which addresses baby heart defects. 

 WOMEN’S VOICES FOR CHANGE is helping with a special donation.  Just read Tish’s blog HERE!  All you have to do is take a movie survey and you make difference for these little hearts.

Help others and take care of your own!!  Happy Saturday!


  1. Health is at the top of my list. I've just retired (December) and look forward to time for exercise and time for me. 🙂 first goal is to exercise everyday and get back to my goal weight. 15 pounds to go!

  2. Heading over to take the survey and I'm definitely working on getting healthier! I need to be taking calcium (for pre-osteoporosis) and I am supposed to take Vitamin D. I hadn't realized how important it was until I was deficient one year (wearing sunscreen has its benefits, but it can affect your levels I found out!) This was a great reminder of what's important!
    xo ~kim

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